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Starburst Enterprise Presto is a fully supported, production-tested and enterprise-grade distribution of open source Presto. It improves performance and security while making it easy to deploy, connect, and manage your Presto environment.

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The Fastest Path from Big Data to Better Decisions

The traditional response to most new analytic needs is to move data from various sources into a data warehouse or data lake. Doing this can take months and cost a great deal of money.

Originally developed and open sourced by Facebook, Presto is a distributed SQL engine for running fast, interactive analytic queries against various data sources ranging in size from terabytes to exabytes. It enables immediate analysis of siloed data without expensive data warehouse appliances and significantly reduces the need to move or copy data.

Starburst Enterprise Presto is purpose-built to ensure Presto security and performance at scale, and includes multiple enterprise-grade features, global security enhancements, and 24x7 support from the Presto experts.

Run Fast SQL Queries at Scale

• Easily provision and scale Presto SQL in the public cloud or on-premises.
• Separate SQL compute from data storage and scale each independently.
• Presto users like Uber, Netflix, and Comcast run 100,000s of queries per day against petabytes of data.
• In-memory, columnar architecture for fast query response.
• Get big data projects running in days, not months.

Enterprise-grade Analytics Anywhere

The Starburst Enterprise Presto platform delivers additional benefits for the world’s largest organizations, including:`

• Performance: Our distribution includes the updated cost-based query optimizer; and optional caching of frequently accessed data
• Connectivity: 30+ supported connectors; high-performance parallel connectors
• Security: fine-grained access control, end-to-end encryption and more
• Management: configuration; autoscaling; high availability; monitoring
• Support: 24x7 support from the Presto experts; fully-tested, stable releases, etc.|

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