SQream provides an analytics platform that minimizes Total Time to Insights (TTTI) for time-sensitive data at any scale, both on-prem and in the cloud that is designed for the new category of tera-to-peta-scale data. The GPU-powered platform enables enterprises to rapidly ingest and analyze their growing data.

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What do we bring to the DATA table? 


  • LIGHTNING FAST - SQream can load up to 5TB per hour, per GPU, while automatically optimizing and compressing the data.
  • MASSIVELY SCALABLE – Designed for massive, dynamic workloads. The algorithms were built to handle the most challenging scenarios, and optimize them for the largest datasets, where typical database optimizations fail.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - from data preparation to ingestion and insights, SQream provides the best cost performance solution available, both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • POWERED BY GPUs - SQream conquers the largest workloads by combining available CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage resources – enabling reports, interactive dashboards, and ad-hoc queries. This balance of CPU and GPU operations ensures optimal performance. The result is faster response times, even on the most complex interactive dashboards.
  • SQL - SQream’s native SQL interface eases transition from other databases. There’s no need to maintain odd APIs and custom Scala code. Full SQL support lets any existing ETL and applications connect and offload heavy database operations to SQream, minimizing the time needed to get up and running with the new platform
  • EXTENSIBLE FOR ML/AI - AI/ML algorithms have accurate and significant results when fed by more data. While there is still a challenge to analyze massive data, SQream can load, ingest and analyze it in minutes.


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