Companies today are generating more unstructured data than ever before, but storing these massive amounts of data can be costly. Not only is there more data to store, you also need new, affordable options to protect it, keep it available, and generate value from it. HPE GreenLake and Scality offer an on-premises, consumption-based alternative to public cloud object storage, with granular scaling and multiple choices for low-cost, geographically dispersed data. The infrastructure is installed and managed by HPE GreenLake, with total transparency into cost and usage, as well as the ability to instantly scale on demand—enabling a cloud-like experience.

HPE Platform

HPE GreenLake Cloud Services



  • Cost-effectively deploy high-performance object storage infrastructure that seamlessly integrates in your hybrid cloud environment
  • Avoid up-front capital costs by paying only for the capacity you actually consume on a monthly basis
  • Eliminate overprovisioning to save 30% on TCO
  • Scale IT resources on demand from a buffer of capacity to handle growth or new opportunities
  • Achieve cost efficiencies through seamless data lifecycle management, an improved user experience, and performance
  • Gain a unified view of data across environments with HPE GreenLake Central
  • Simplify IT by offloading the heavy lifting of your infrastructure management to HPE GreenLake

Better together

HPE and Scality have had a worldwide marketing, sales, and support agreement since 2014. Over the years, we have deployed hundreds of enterprise solutions, supporting the most recognizable brands and enterprises in their respective industries. Together with HPE GreenLake, you now gain a one-stop cloud experience for deploying a software-defined, object-based storage solution.

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