Ryussi MoSMB is a fully tested, end-to-end solution that delivers SMB file access at scale on any infrastructure - on-premises, in multiple public clouds, or at the edge. By leveraging MoSMB, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric users can support SMB file access for Windows computers with a dramatically reduced time to go live.

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6.2, 7.0


MoSMB server is Ryussi Technologies’ next generation Server Message Block (SMB) server to enable file sharing in a heterogeneous environment that includes both Windows and non-Windows computers. 

MoSMB is a user mode SMB server on Linux designed to run critical enterprise workloads. It is built to be feature-rich, highly compliant and secure SMB protocol server. It has been architected to support modern demanding workloads in terms of high performance and high scalability. 

With a 64-bit architecture, a single MoSMB server can scale to multiple petabytes. MoSMB is also architected such that it is relatively constraint-free and can utilize the underlying platform’s capabilities and resources to the utmost for maximum performance and scalability. 

MoSMB enterprise feature list includes: 


  1. POSIX file system support - MoSMB can support any POSIX file system out-of-box. The validated file systems include Ezmeral Data Fabric, and others like Ceph, Lustre, Gluster, ZFS, XFS, Ext4, etc. 
  2. Heterogeneous Client Environment - Support for Windows, macOS and Linux clients. 
  3. Multiple Linux OS flavors - MoSMB can be installed on a varied Linux OS including RHEL 7., 8., CentOS 7., 8., Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04, Debian 10, 11 and SLES 12.3. 
  4. Single Global Namespace - MoSMB supports a single global namespace across multiple domains and sites allowing a unified view and access of data. 
  5. Active-Active Scale-out Cluster Architecture resulting in increased band-width, zero down-time, load-balancing of SMB connections, planned & unplanned migrations. 
  6. High Performance and Low Latency IO using performance features like SMB Multi-Channel and SMB Direct (RDMA) for high throughput and IOPs and low latency. 
  7. Distributed Locking across cluster nodes to prevent data inconsistency due to concurrent access of the same data. 
  8. Enterprise Grade Authentication using Active Directory and Kerberos. Also supports NTLMv2-based authentication when authenticating local users. 
  9. SMB v3 Encryption and Signing for ensuring security of file access over the network. 
  10. Authorization - Choice of Windows ACLs and basic POSIX ACLs for authorization. Also supports User-ID mapping to map SMB identities to UNIX identities for authorization. 
  11. Scale-up Architecture - Performance scaling by scaling up server CPU and/or RAM. 
  12. Offload Data Transfer (ODX) feature to speed up 'copy and move' operations. 
  13. SMB Change Notification to allow SMB clients to keep up with file and directory changes without having to constantly refresh their view.  
  14. Automation - Supports provisioning/ deployment using modern tools like Ansible. 
  15. Containerization - Supports containerized cluster deployments using Kubernetes/ Docker.



Figure 1 - MoSMB for Ezmeral High Level Architecture


Figure 2 - MoSMB for Ezmeral System Architecture

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