Organizations that depend on highly accessible, rapidly growing, data-intensive workloads must have the capacity they need, when they need it. Legacy file-storage products simply were not designed to meet today’s billion-file scale of mixed, large, and small files stored across global hybrid cloud environments. HPE GreenLake with Qumulo offers a modern, pay-as-you-go file platform for unstructured data. This service supports and maintains all key business processes, covering a wide range of workloads for all types of unstructured data.

HPE Platform

HPE GreenLake Cloud Services



  • Self-service, consumption-based platform: Experience pay-as-you-go, cloud-like economics for your applications and data stored on-premises or in a colocation facility, with monthly payments based on metered usage.
  • Eliminate overprovisioning costs: Start with the capacity you need today and grow your infrastructure based on business demand, leveraging active capacity management for faster time to value
  • Increased control and visibility: Gain powerful cost, utilization, and data insights from a combination of HPE GreenLake Central and Qumulo real-time analytics
  • Dynamic scalability: A flexible platform that can quickly and easily scale to support petabyte levels and achieve full commercial usage
  • Enterprise-level security and data protection: Access to software-based data encryption and FIPS-certified encryption, an auditing feature to track all data writes and modifications, and erasure coding for efficient data protection
  • Simplified IT: Included services help remove the burden of IT administrative work, freeing personnel to focus on delivering business value


Better together

With HPE GreenLake and Qumulo, you can focus on gaining insights from your data, without the stress of dealing with the technical, operational, and economic challenges that come with the unpredictable growth of that data. Together, Qumulo and HPE GreenLake can provide a variety of options to meet your specific requirements, across use cases, such as video surveillance storage, research computing, medical imaging data, and video production for professional studios. With Qumulo and HPE GreenLake, you can count on fast access to all data and applications within your IT environment—delivered in a cost-effective, consumption-based model with simple and transparent pricing.

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