OpenText Cybersecurity

OpenText Cybersecurity

OpenText Cybersecurity provides comprehensive security solutions for companies and partners of all sizes. From prevention, detection and response to recovery, investigation and compliance, our unified end-to-end platform helps customers build cyber resilience via a holistic security portfolio.

The Voltage portfolio provides the most comprehensive data privacy and protection solution differentiated by depth and breadth of capabilities across both structured and unstructured data. The Voltage portfolio creates a “data trust” environment where data use is ethical, protected, and trustworthy through discovery and classification, gaining insights, data retention and policy enforcement, monitor data usage and behavior, protection through encryption, masking, and minimization as well as providing overarching data governance and data management capabilities.

The Voltage portfolio, supported throughout by AI and machine learning to deliver scalable and automated risk reduction throughout the data lifecycle, can achieve their privacy by design outcomes while driving innovations but keeping personal information private, and crown jewels secure wherever they are, on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Note: OpenText acquired Micro Focus and its products and business units on Jan. 31, 2023. This includes CyberRes and the Voltage suite of cyber security products.

Product Name

Voltage Data Privacy and Protection

Product Category

Cloud Services


Ezmeral Data Fabric Version




OpenText Cybersecurity and HPE have collaborated to provide the most comprehensive data privacy and protection solution in the marketplace. HPE, along with Voltage privacy-enabling technologies, offer capabilities to achieve your outcomes to ensure your data is used in an ethical, safe, and trustworthy way to support your organizations outcomes in data protection, regulatory compliance (privacy by design), and sustainability goals.

Through this partnership your organization can achieve the following outcomes.

  • Discover, classify, and gain insights to your data across structured and unstructured repositories using AI and machine learning to deliver scalable and automated risk reduction throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Using the insights, choose how to “take action” and remediate your risk profile.
  • Define and enforce data retention, policy management and enforcement, as well as data minimization.
  • Monitor and control access to key repositories.
  • Protect data through state-of-the-art encryption, tokenization, and masking capabilities.
  • Govern and manage data throughout its entire lifecycle.

Additionally, the Voltage portfolio also helps businesses deliver their financial and sustainability goals, solving IT issues such as: Legacy data clean up, Data preservation, Application retirement, Test data management, Secure cloud analytics, Green IT, and Cloud migration and secure analytics.

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