Nethopper KAOps as a Service combines DevOps Continuous Delivery with a Multi-Cloud Application Network. KAOps is like integrating as a service GitOps Continuous Delivery (CD ) + Service Mesh + Kubernetes Ingress Gateway + Multi-Cloud Networking solutions that delivers unprecedented levels of simplicity, observability, and agility.   

Product Name

Nethopper Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps) 


HPE Platform Filter

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise

Product Version

UI: v3.2.0, Agent: 1.1.48-443

Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Version


Product Category

Cloud Services, Streaming, Monitoring


With a DevOps-friendly UI, KAOps provides a single dashboard to deliver, securely connect, and monitor microservices across all clouds and clusters. With the Nethopper KAOps, you can:

  • Reduce cyber risks by up to 66%:  Automatically enforce security standards with the no-code simplicity of a comprehensive microservice security solution
  • Accelerate updates and releases by up to 80%:  Seamlessly integrate GitOps Continuous Delivery and network operations to gain application feature agility with lower cloud and operational costs. 
  • Decrease application downtime by up to 90%: Backup and recover your single or multi-cloud application, decrease unplanned downtime, and ensure business continuity.  


Nethopper Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps) as a service:  

  • Makes it easy for DevOps to operate applications in one or multiple clouds, with GitOps Continuous Delivery and inter-cluster service networking:  
  • Decrease the time and effort it takes to deliver your application to the cloud 
  • Roll-back your application to known good delivery at any time
  • Gain unparalleled application visibility and control via a centralized console for all objects, including inter-cloud services. 
  • Allows Application Operators to improve business outcomes and application ROI:  
  • Meet your customer requirements and stay ahead of competition by deploying application features faster, while reducing cloud and operational costs 
  • Enables Application Teams to decrease application downtime and deliver deliver to cloud(s) faster: 
  • Use cloud portability to seamlessly move your application from private to cloud, or to a different cloud
  • Protect against cloud outages with Global Load Balancing, which protects against cloud and cluster failures, even whole region failures. 
  • Gives Security Teams Zero-Trust compliance by encrypting all application data in flight while providing a simple no-code solution to microservice security:  
  • Reduce your cyber security attack surface
  • Guarantee your applications will follow security standards, automatically

Nethopper Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps) as a service provides all the capabilities of GitOps Continuous Delivery and multi-Cloud Application Network, with the simplicity of a service: you bring your own clusters, no keys to manage, get the support you need, no software to install, no API/CLI to ingrate, works with all clouds.  With the Nethopper KAOps as a service, you get:  

  • Nethopper console to control and monitor your application
  • Multiple isolated application Networks (if you have more than one application)
  • Nethopper agent with copy/pate install instructions
  • Database of objects (deployment and service)
  • Rules/Policy engine to distribute deployment and services to multiple clouds
  • Multi-cluster services
  • Service observability metrics (latency, bytes, connections)
  • Service alerts.
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