MinIO is a pioneer in high-performance, S3-compatible, Kubernetes-native object storage. The software is used by enterprises and cloud-native applications alike to deliver object storage for use cases as varied as AI/ML (Spark, Presto, Tensorflow), advanced analytics/big data (Splunk, Teradata, Vertica), backup/restore (Veeam, Kasten) and archival.

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MinIO offers an object storage suite that contains the server, a client and an SDK. Because MinIO only does one thing, object storage, their single-layer architecture achieves all of the necessary functionality without compromise. The advantage of this design is an object server that is simultaneously high-performance (183 GB/s READ and 171 GB/s WRITE on 32-nodes of NVMe) and lightweight (the binary containing all functionality is only 45MB). The combination of performance and size allows MinIO to run at the edge or to power the datacenter. The software is highly scalable (there are deployments of 100s of PBs) and offers resiliency through inline erasure coding and bitrot protection. The software also contains a number of important security features including encryption for data in flight and at rest, object locking/immutability, auditing, identity and lifecycle management.  

Production deployments are supported by the MinIO Subscription Network which offers a combination of commercial license, 24/7 direct to engineer support and a suite of technologies designed to optimize, secure and protect production instances.  

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