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Tools to ease and optimize use of big data analytics.  Open source ecosystem projects enable big data applications running on the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric. Removes complexity of coordinating different community projects and versions in an integrated manner.

Product Name

MEP Packs

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HPE Ezmeral Container Platform Version



MapR Ecosystem Packs (MEP) ensure that customers are given quick access to the latest open source innovations. It is a package of stable and popular open source components, connectors, and interfaces from HPE certified to work together against one or more versions of the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Platform (MapR). It is regularly updated by HPE with the open source version, and tested for interoperability with MapR.

MEP greatly simplifying and error-proofing customers’ upgrade path by decoupling the upgrade of MapR from the MEP components.  It allows users to reduce their upgrade effort by upgrading only at the level they need, instead of the entire stack. Ezmeral Kubernetes based MapR implements following MEP 6.3 components:

  • Hive 2.3.6
  • HttpFS 1.0
  • Hue
  • Tez 0.9.1


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Explore the industry’s first enterprise-grade container platform for cloud-native and distributed non-cloud native applications, HPE Ezmeral Container Platform.


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