Kasten by Veeam


Kasten provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup and restore, disaster recovery, and mobility of Kubernetes applications.

Product Name

Kasten K10 by Veeam

Product Version


HPE Ezmeral Runtime Version



Kasten by Veeam’s innovative K10 data management software coupled with HPE Ezmeral Runtime enable enterprise operations teams to backup their mission critical Kubernetes applications. Enterprise operations teams now have a Kubernetes-native solution with flexible storage, backup/restore, disaster recovery, and mobility of Kubernetes applications with unparalleled performance and operational simplicity.

K10’s application-centric approach and deep integrations with relational and NoSQL databases, Kubernetes distributions, and all clouds, provides HPE Ezmeral Runtime administrators with operational simplicity and RBAC enabled self-service portals to protect their Kubernetes applications at scale.

Policy-driven and extensible, K10 provides a Kubernetes-native API and includes features such as full-spectrum consistency, database integrations, automatic application discovery, multi-cloud mobility, and a powerful web-based user interface.  Kasten provides an enterprise grade backup and recovery solution that keeps the application as the unit of atomicity while simplifying data management operations and maintaining consistency. Kasten K10, not only operates with HPE Ezmeral Runtime but can also help migrate data from other Kubernetes-based applications to HPE Ezmeral Runtime.

K10, Kasten’s data management platform, is built natively for containers and enables enterprises to confidently run stateful applications on HPE Ezmeral Runtime. K10 offers:

  • Backup and Restore -Backup and restore your applications to protect your data
  • Disaster Recovery - Meet regulatory and corporate mandates for your business
  • Application Mobility - Move HPE Ezmeral Runtime data between on-prem and cloud for test/dev and cluster upgrades
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