Joulica’s event streaming platform and Customer Experience Analytics drives actionable insights that can be used to choreograph and adapt customer experiences in real-time. Integrating all data across all customer-facing channels and into a single platform for real-time cross-channel orchestration, analysis, and visualization.

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Of top priority for every enterprise is to stand out through the customer experiences it offers, and to instill the discipline to continually improve upon the quality of customers’ experiences to make these durable and repeatable. Joulica Customer Experience Analytics is a key enabler in operationalizing customer experience to make it clearly distinguishable, measurable, and understandable to business stakeholders.

Customers interact with organizations across a myriad of channels to achieve their goals. Joulica allows every interaction to be harnessed along with relevant customer data sources to deliver actionable customer experience analytics that can guide current and future engagements. These analytics guide workflows, power AI models and can be visualized in real-time on a single pane of glass.

It also reveals where there’s operational friction, one of the biggest challenges companies face, to help pinpoint and improve operational flows to achieve exceptional experiences for customers and drive more profitability for their business.

With Joulica Customer Experience Analytics you can:

  • Optimize engagement on digital channels - Analyze across digital, traditional voice and emerging channels to optimize digital customer engagement
  • Adapt with AI and Machine Learning - Adapt your automated and assisted servicing strategies in real-time enriching customer journey flows with AI and machine learning to optimize business outcomes
  • Implement useful insights in your workflows - Take straightforward action, choreographing the client journey to optimize engagement, nurture relationships, predict problems and develop effective solutions for growth

Joulica Reporting Analytics solution is deployed to the Kubernetes Cluster orchestrated by HPE GreenLake which is powered by HPE Ezmeral. The solution leverages Kafka to integrate with real-time and historical data sources to produce analytics. Joulica’s event processing technology ingests, normalizes, and enriches raw data sources to produce standardized analytics across multiple sources. These analytics are available for real-time and historic visualization, API-based integrations, and Artificial Intelligence use cases.

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