HPE Machine Learning Development Environment

HPE Machine Learning Development Environment

The foundation for the HPE Machine Learning Development Environment is an open-source machine learning training platform called Determined, which HPE acquired in June 2021. Model developers can start training models on the open-source version of Determined to easily run, scale and share experiments. HPE Machine Learning Development builds upon Determined's world-class capabilities to support training at enterprise-scale. In addition to premium support, it includes advanced security and tools for monitoring and observability. 

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HPE Machine Learning Development Environment

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HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise

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Secure, cost-efficient collaboration across machine learning teams

Built upon the widely popular open source Determined Training Platform, HPE Machine Learning Development Environment helps developers and scientists focus on innovation by removing the complexity and cost associated with machine learning model development. Our platform accelerates time-to-production by removing the need to write infrastructure code, and makes it easy to set-up, manage, secure, and share Artificial Intelligence (AI) compute clusters.


With HPE Machine Learning Development Environment, you can:

  • Train models faster
  • Build more accurate models
  • Manage GPU costs
  • Track and reproduce experiments
Additional Information

To learn more about Determined’s open-source training platform please visit the GitHub repository. You can contact us through our website, and be sure to join our Determined Community on Slack to receive hands-on support from our team.

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