The world is at an accelerated phase of data-first modernization, powered by forces of exascale data processing, connected edge, “AI at scale,” hybrid cloud and security. This is creating new challenges for organizations to navigate, as they seek to drive their digital transformation with a continual eye on cost efficiencies, simplicity, sustainability, trust, cyber security and business resiliency to mitigate emerging risks.

HPE GreenLake for Cloudian offers S3-compatible object storage infrastructure that is engineered to deliver private cloud storage services wherever you need – from the edge, to the core, to the cloud. Designed to power the modern data center, the solution combines the scalability and availability of the public cloud with the flexibility and security of private cloud. You can start small and grow with capacity on-demand and the performance you need for modern application support, data analytics, data protection, and large-capacity unstructured data storage.   

With military-grade security, limitless scalability and seamless cloud integration, Cloudian’s S3-compatible object storage lets users optimize data access, meet data sovereignty requirements and cut costs by consolidating information to a single, cloud-like platform. Cloudian’s geo-distributed architecture manages and protects object and file data at the edge, core, and in the cloud, for both conventional and modern applications.

HPE GreenLake for Cloudian lets you build a flexible, hybrid cloud storage infrastructure.

Together with HPE GreenLake Management Services and software-defined storage integration services, you benefit from a robust, end-to-end managed solution that creates efficiencies and frees up valuable team resources to focus on innovation.

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HPE GreenLake for Cloudian

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HPE Platform

HPE GreenLake Cloud Services



Flexibility and scalability: End-to-end object storage solution covering full stack of infrastructure, software and services, optimized towards performance, cost and scalability requirements. Start small and grow to exabytes without disruption. Add storage nodes anytime. 

Full S3 API compatibility: Comprehensive S3 API interoperability, ensuring trouble-free operation with the rapidly growing ecosystem of S3-enabled applications. 

Security, risk and compliance: Secure data with a proven platform with nine stringent security certifications, object lock-enabled for ransomware protection and other features. Configurable data protection includes options for erasure coding and data replication, within a location and across sites, to protect data from device failure and site failure.

Low TCO: Consolidated operations management, low-overhead data protection, and a cost-effective hardware platform, coupled with HPE GreenLake, deliver significant savings.


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HPE GreenLake for Cloudian offers an S3-compatible object storage solution engineered to deliver private cloud storage services wherever you need them—from edge to cloud. Designed to power the modern data center, it combines the public cloud’s scalability and availability with the flexibility and security of the private cloud. 

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