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Elastic Stack

Powerful platform that collects and processes data from multiple data sources, stores that data in one centralized data store that can scale as data grows, and that provides a set of tools to analyze the data. 

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Elastic Stack

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HPE Ezmeral Container Platform Version



The Elastic Stack (also known as the ELK Stack) is used across a variety of use cases — from observability to security, from enterprise search to business analytics. The ELK Stack is a powerful collection of open source tools: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Together, these different components are most commonly used for monitoring, troubleshooting and securing IT environments (though there are many more use cases for the ELK Stack such as business intelligence and web analytics). 

Elasticsearch is an open source, full-text search and analysis engine, based on the Apache Lucene search engine. Logstash is a log aggregator that collects data from various input sources, executes different transformations and enhancements and then ships the data to various supported output destinations. Kibana is a visualization layer that works on top of Elasticsearch, providing users with the ability to analyze and visualize the data. 

  • Aggregation – the ability to collect and ship logs from multiple data sources. 
  • Processing – the ability to transform log messages into meaningful data for easier analysis. 
  • Storage – the ability to store data for extended time periods to allow for monitoring, trend analysis, and security use cases. 
  • Analysis – the ability to dissect the data by querying it and creating visualizations and dashboards on top of it. 
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