Accelerate the results that matter with the leading platform for search-powered solutions. With solutions in Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security, Elastic helps people find what they need faster, keep mission-critical applications running smoothly, and protect against cyber threats.

Search - access, view and search across all your data — no matter what, where, or how much.

Solve - AI/ML-powered analytics that bring greater relevance, predictive insights, and streamlined workflows to enable you to act faster with confidence.

Succeed - You can grow revenue and customer satisfaction, increase employee productivity, improve operational performance, and stop cyber threats — all through a flexible, scalable platform.

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Elastic Stack

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Ezmeral Runtime Version


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Use the power of search to unlock the endless possibilities locked in your data. Wherever and however you put Elastic to work, you can access and search across all your data,

solve smarter and act faster with AI/ML-powered insights and achieve new levels of success across your organization.

With Elastic Enterprise Search, you can help everyone find what they need faster—from employees who need documents from your intranet to customers browsing online for the perfect pair of shoes.

With Elastic Observability, your teams can keep mission-critical applications running smoothly by finding and predictively resolving problems across all your environments before they impact your business.


With Elastic Security, your teams can quickly find the data they need to prevent, detect, and respond to complex cyber threats at scale, minimizing risk and protecting your organization's reputation.

Our solutions accelerate your results — at scale and on a single platform.

Alerting: Derive actionable insights from a variety of data sources using the alerting and anomaly detection capabilities within Elastic.

Machine learning: Extract new insights from data with the click of a button. The Elastic Stack processes data upon ingestion so you have what you need to identify root causes or add context to any event. Built-in tools like Data Visualizer help you find the jobs you're looking for and identify fields in your data that would pair well with machine learning.

Work in any environment: Elastic works wherever your data lives, in one cloud, across many clouds, or on-prem. 

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