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Digital Realty

Enterprises have embraced hybrid IT for many reasons: Speed and agility, cost optimization and efficiency, protecting and managing key data stores, and more. However, several factors have made it difficult for companies to move the majority of their key applications to the cloud. For example, data gravity, application entanglement, security and compliance, and unpredictable costs present obstacles that prevent companies from making the shift to hybrid IT on their own.

The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform with Digital Realty colocation services allows customers the benefits of offloading data center management—with all its resource- and capital-intense demands—while keeping full control of enterprise IT. That means you can keep an eye on resource utilization across co-located and public cloud-based workloads, including governance of all enterprise applications and data, without the operational burden of construction and building maintenance, security, and failover systems needed for an on-premises data center. The HPE GreenLake platform can manage your IT infrastructure and services at any Digital Realty colocation facility or in a hybrid environment, while allowing you to keep control to implement and operate the way you need.

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Digital Realty

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HPE GreenLake Cloud Services

  • Address data gravity

With a multitude of colocation facilities to choose from, you can house dedicated resources closer to end users and devices, which helps minimize latency and improve performance despite increasingly data-intensive modern application workflows.

  • Centralize interconnected architecture

Bringing data into one, central repository allows apps in different IT environments seamless access and enables workload migration between environments as needed. And using HPE GreenLake Central enables you to manage all applications and data, including public cloud instances, from a single dashboard.

  • Simplify administration

When you bring disparate IT environments under a single management framework, you greatly simplify administrative tasks, both for your workloads and your staff. That includes a central point of contact for support and capacity growth planning as well as a single invoice to reconcile and manage.

  • Optimize cost

The HPE GreenLake pay-as-you-go model allows you to manage costs across dedicated on-demand resources without expending capital upfront or in the future. And with a predictable pricing model, you can also simplify your budget process and better predict network operational costs.

  • Retain control

You keep control of your data and processes and maintain constant visibility over usage and spend, while HPE manages your infrastructure for you.

  • Improve resiliency

HPE GreenLake and Digital Realty provide the agility and adaptability you need for resilient delivery. Through a single portal, you can easily add services and analyze performance—allowing for deeper insights and greater flexibility

  • Expand physical security

With five layers of physical security, 24/7 security staff, and strict access control systems, you can rest assured that your mission-critical data is safeguarded, and your IT vulnerability points are reduced.

  • Support sustainability goals

Digital Realty provides power at their colocation facilities using 100% renewable sources. In addition, they have more certified green buildings than any other provider and have pioneered energy-saving designs to work toward carbon neutrality.


Better together

Together, HPE GreenLake and Digital Realty give customers best-in-class cloud services that can be deployed from remote regions across a global footprint that spans 280+ data centers in 26 countries and 50+ metro markets: bringing together Connected Communities with direct access to CSPs, Network Providers and enterprises worldwide. Our partnership helps customers solve their most complex hybrid IT problems, bringing a unified cloud experience to apps and data everywhere while providing one IT operating model to orchestrate across edges, colocations, data centers, and multi-cloud.

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