Set your data in motion with a managed Confluent Platform on your private infrastructure.

Confluent enables the world’s leading organizations to compete and win by delivering rich front-end customer experiences and real-time backend operations. It connects your entire organization with real-time flow and processing of data, and build applications that react and respond to that data flow.

Confluent Operator allows you to deploy and manage Confluent Platform as a cloud-native, stateful container application on HPE Ezmeral. The automation provided by Kubernetes, Operator, and Helm greatly simplifies provisioning and minimizes the burden of operating and managing Confluent Platform. Deploying Kafka into a Kubernetes cluster provides cloud portability, self-healing capabilities, single-click upgrades, and easy scale-up.

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  • Deploy streaming applications as Kubernetes Deployments to leverage Kubernetes features that manage Pod replicas on your behalf and scale horizontally by managing simple configuration values.
  • Build real-time analytics and event-driven applications with Kafka with automated deployment of Confluent Platform. Confluent covers the foundational enterprise-level attributes such as RBAC, Audit Logs and multi-region replication.
  • Minimize operational costs while ensuring high performance and scalability as event streaming grows through your organization with built-in cost optimization features of Confluent such as Auto Data Balancer and Tiered Storage.
  • Benefit from state restoration of Kafka Streams applications, which allows workloads to move across processing nodes. In Kafka Streams, state is stored in changelog topics, which allows state stores to be restored by replaying changelog topic events to rebuild the state.
  • Democratize existing data services and event streams to a wider range of developers with +100 pre-built connectors to both modern cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and on-premise data services such as Teradata, Netezza and more.

A single deployment of the Confluent Operator allows you to deploy multiple Kafka clusters on HPE Ezmeral. Confluent Platform can be deployed on OCP by deploying the Confluent Operator first and then deploying various components of Confluent Platform, either all at once or one by one.

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