Cinchy is the world’s first comprehensive Dataware platform that unlocks data from enterprise apps and brings it together in a universal data network. Built for real-time data collaboration, Dataware addresses the root cause of data fragmentation and silos.

By eliminating the need to manage, integrate, and protect data in each application, Cinchy enables medium-sized and enterprise organizations to build applications in half the time and cost, reduce project delivery risks, automate controls and improve data governance, and enable copyless and effortless secure data sharing across applications.

Cinchy’s Dataware Platform enables you to leverage existing investments and power hundreds of unique solutions, including:

  • Adding new capabilities and intelligence to existing applications
  • Eliminating the need for point-to-point and tightly coupled integration between new applications and existing systems
  • Centralizing management and distribution of reference data for existing systems
  • Eliminating the need to build an application data platform when building applications
  • Replacing usage of spreadsheets for critical business processes
  • Giving business users a single interface to access, view and update all data
  • Enabling enterprise grade controls and 2-way collaboration on data with applications

Product Name

Cinchy Dataware Platform

Product Category

Big Data

Product Version


Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Version



Cinchy can be hosted on-premise or private clouds, and combines the following capabilities within a single data management architecture: Operational Data Fabric (bi-directional connectors), Data Persistence-as-a-service, Data Linking, Universal Data Access Controls, Data Collaboration Log, Automated Data Management, Domain-centric Data Governance, Active Metadata and no-code solutions delivery.

With the Cinchy Dataware Platform you get:

  • A data browser that allows business users to directly access, change, and originate data through a single UI.
  • Data services that provide SDKs and APIs enabling your code to interact with data and metadata and build new capabilities on top of existing systems without changing them.
  • Federated governance and control where your data products all benefit from role-based and attribute-based data-layer controls.
  • Persistence to store data directly in the platform or cache copies of data connected from existing systems and all metadata is exposed for activation with the active metadata engine.
  • Integration built into the platform that enables bi-directional synchronization of data in and out of existing cloud and on-prem systems through a simple experience and reduces the number of integrations you must implement by distributing master data through a multi-domain hub.

    Cinchy customers including TD Bank, YMCA, Colliers International, Investment Quebec, and PWC use Dataware to enable organization-wide collaboration on data and accelerate the delivery of composable applications, automations, personalization, Digital Twins, and real-time systems.
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