Carbonetes is a service that scans your code and your open-source tools to ensure they comply with your company's security policy, and it is safe to run in your cluster.

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Carbonetes provides a developer-focused solution for comprehensive container security and auto-remediation. It ensures that your containers, and resulting pods, are secure prior to running them in your HPE Ezmeral clusters. It analyzes your containers for vulnerabilities, SCA, license types, malware, secrets, Bill of Materials (BoM), and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) misconfiguration. It analyzes those results against standard (e.g. PCI, NIST) policies or your custom policies. It can also seamlessly be integrated into your CI/CD pipeline using custom plug-ins.

  • Connects to most container registries and pulls the repositories (containers) Analyzes these containers for SCA, IaC, Licenses, Vulnerabilities, Secrets, Malware and Bill of Materials.
  • Evaluates the scan results against standard or custom policies using a powerful Policy Management tool.
  • Provides auto-remediation of security risks, along with powerful dashboarding, logging and various integrations (e.g. Jira bug-tracking, Mirantis Lens run-time, etc.)
  • Integrates seamlessly into a variety of CI/CD tools for automation right in your code pipelines.

Below describes the workflow for a developer using the Carbonetes application for their container security and deployment


With all the features and capabilities of Carbonetes as a one-click solution for your container security needs, it is the most comprehensive container security available in the market today.

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