AWS EKS Anywhere

Amazon EKS Anywhere

Amazon EKS Anywhere allows you to provision and manage Amazon EKS on your own infrastructure. Amazon EKS Anywhere builds on the strengths of Amazon EKS Distro and provides open-source software that’s up to date and patched so you can have an on-premises Kubernetes environment that’s more reliable than a self-managed Kubernetes offering.

Amazon EKS Anywhere is available as open-source software that you can download, install on your existing hardware, and run in your own data centers.

To get support and additional paid features for your EKS Anywhere clusters, you can purchase an EKS Anywhere Enterprise Subscription. AWS Enterprise Support or AWS Enterprise On-Ramp Support Plan is a pre-requisite for purchasing an Amazon EKS Anywhere Enterprise Subscription. 

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Amazon EKS Anywhere

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Cloud Services

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HPE GreenLake Cloud Service


Maintain data sovereignty: keep large datasets on premises and maintain data location legal requirements concerning data location.

Accelerate and simplify migration to AWS: connect your Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters to the Amazon EKS console to view the cluster configuration and workload status.

Secure applications in disconnected environments: deploy and operate highly available clusters with the same Kubernetes distribution that powers Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) on AWS.

Streamline maintenance to save time: focus on your business by removing the need to maintain upstream Kubernetes clusters and security patches.


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