Virsec provides application-aware workload protection against the widest range of evasive cyberattacks – known and unknown – and secures applications from the inside. Virsec protects all your applications, including custom, COTS, third-party, legacy, SCADA and more. The Virsec Security Platform protects across any platform, including on-prem servers, virtual, cloud, hybrid, and containers.

Product Name

Virsec Security Platform

Product Version


HPE Ezmeral Runtime Version



Virsec delivers security that is far more effective, easier to manage, and simplifies compliance. Virsec Security Platform (VSP) automatically maps acceptable execution across the entire container workload then instantly spots any deviations down to the memory level, without learning, tuning, or signatures. This deterministic approach to runtime protection precisely stops attacks without the noise of false alerts.

VSP understands the context in which applications execute across multiple dimensions, at the host, web, and memory layers. Built upon patented AppMap™ technology, VSP automatically extracts detailed knowledge and context across the entire HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise application workload, including information on packages, libraries, scripts, directory, and file access.

VSP can instantly detect and stop deviations caused by attacks that are invisible to conventional security tools and without human effort. Admins are alerted immediately, and detailed forensics on every incident (including IP addresses, session ID, and details on the malicious HTTP requests and more) can be observed in the dashboard or within the most common security information and event management (SIEM) systems.

Key Benefits

  • Stops evolving attacks without tuning, prior knowledge or intelligence.
  • Guardrails applications during runtime at the memory level.
  • Protects workloads in the cloud, datacenter and containers.
  • Blocks attacks at the first step, eliminating dwell time.
  • Precise results eliminate noise and dependency on services.
  • Automates protection without learning or tuning.
Additional Information

Explore the industry’s first enterprise-grade container platform for cloud-native and distributed non-cloud native applications, HPE Ezmeral Runtime.

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