Migrate to HPE Servers from Unisys Mainframes

Eliminate support/skills risk from legacy environments and keep required quality of service with significant cost savings


HPE mainframe migration centre of expertise (CoE) established


Regularly achieved TCO reduction

Converged infrastructure for a standardized, efficient IT environment

Since 1998 HPE has been helping organizations migrate off their mainframe environments, with particular focus, in addition to IBM, on addressing the specialities of migrating Unisys environments, with our full end-to-end migration and replacement solutions for Unisys. This helps our customers overcome some of the issues they face with their current environments whilst providing a platform that will suit their business needs.

  • Removes risk of low/poor vendor environment and partner support
  • Removes risk of reduced skills available in the market place
  • Same or better quality of service on new platform
  • Low risk – high return migration approach – maintain business continuity throughout the migration
  • Provides significant cost savings

Take your business into the compute era

Breakthrough scalability with superior x86 Linux availability

Resources and expertise to support our Unisys mainframe platform were becoming scarcer and we needed a future-proof alternative for our core business applications. HPE’s experience in successfully carrying out similar projects ensured a smooth migration with minimal impact on our business users. As well as reducing operating cost and lowering total cost of ownership, moving our core apps to an open Linux platform has provided us with a solid basis for additional future functionality and e-services to support business operations.

Inga Otmalm
Chief Information Officer, Bolagsverket

Technical information and the migration process

HPE offers a wide range of target environments and covers all critical services including business case creation, analysis & design, code & data migration, testing, project management, HW and SW, infrastructure, support, with quality of service meeting or surpassing SLA’s with high mainframe-class availability.

Particularly important when migrating legacy Unisys mainframe environments to Linux, Windows, or other platform environment is the ability to manage the complexity of moving from a 9 to 8 bit environment. And with HPE’s solid track record in Unisys migrations, with high quality migration tools and experienced migrations team (HPE Mainframe Migration Centre of Expertise), we can ensure that these aspects are handled correctly and with the lowest risk to our customers.

HPE offers a range of solutions, but specializes in the re-hosting approach which is the most requested customer solution due to its low risk high return nature.

  • No business logic change
  • Automated migration limits manual intervention mistakes/risks
  • Limited impact on developers and operation
  • No impact on end users
  • No impact on business during migration
  • Minimal freeze time
  • Fast – average 12 months

HPE services roadmap to successful migration

During the entire process, HPE proved to be a partner that excels. On the one hand, we were able to count on constant assistance from the extremely skilled and professional Italian team and, on the other hand, on support from the HPE Mainframe Migration Centre of Expertise for migration of the mainframe code. The Italian team should be applauded for having managed the project outstandingly well.

Debora Guma
Technology manager, Information Systems Division, Carrefour Group


Brochure : Mainframe Rehosting Approach, Methodology and Services

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Mainframe Rehosting Approach, Methodology and Services

Technical White Paper : Mainframe alternative sizing

Technical White Paper

Mainframe alternative sizing

Solution Brief : Superdome X

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Solution Brief

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