Rack Servers

Rack-optimized servers that modernize your data center by delivering performance, resiliency, and scalability for core business-to-business-critical workloads.

The HPE software-defined experience

Transform your compute to software-defined infrastructure with HPE OneView, supported on HPE ProLiant and select HPE Apollo and mission-critical servers.

Gen10 rack servers are here

Learn more about our new portfolio of Gen10 rack servers.

Excel with virtualization and memory-centric applications

The ProLiant DL385, with the AMD EPYC processor, offers greater VM density via memory bandwidth, capacity, and massive I/O. VMs can be aligned to specific NUMA domains, providing local access to memory, cores, and I/O.

Success in action

Security company sharpens video surveillance

BCDVideo, a leading video surveillance storage provider, helped its customers increase efficiency, monitor performance, and lower TCO through a custom-built IP video server solution.

Read the Case Study

Redefine the server with ready-to-use ClearOS

Redefine the server with ready-to-use ClearOS
Stop building servers from scratch. HPE ProLiant servers and ClearOS combine to offer you a simple, secure, and affordable platform — ready to install out of the box.

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Family Guide : HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers

Family guide: ProLiant Rack and Tower Servers
Family Guide

HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers

Presentation : Test your infrastructure-security IQ quiz

Take the infrastructure security quiz
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IT security has always been a moving target. Threats escalate, often on an hourly basis. New attacks and vulnerabilities are discovered daily. Most enterprises believe they have a handle on the security challenges they face, but that confidence is very often misplaced. Based on your answers to the questions, we’ll provide a quick assessment of your IT security profile.

Video : Introducing the world’s most secure industry-standard servers

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Meet world’s most secure industry standard servers – video
Video | 2:44

Your server infrastructure should be your strongest defense, armed with the latest innovations to prevent, detect, and recover from security attacks. It’s no longer adequate to limit security to firewalls. With the HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle.

Video : Why companies should pay attention to the growing security threat

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Growing Security Threats and How HPE Can Help Companies Prepare
Video | 2:21

Why companies should pay attention to the growing security threat

White Paper : Moor insights: Hybrid IT helps businesses navigate through digital transformation

Read Hybrid IT white paper
White Paper | PDF | 389 KB

Prepare your digital transformation journey with Hybrid IT solutions that provide it security, compliance and performance control with on-premises and cloud solutions.

White Paper : Moor insights: HPE locks down server security

Read Server Security white paper
White Paper | PDF | 317 KB

Reduce the cost of compliance failures and protect your IT hardware with HPE server security features for firmware protection, detection and recovery capabilities.

Video : How HPE built the silicon root of trust

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Silicon Root of Trust - Video
Video | 5:00

How HPE Built the Silicon Root of Trust

Video : HPE Gen10 NVDIMM family demo update: Persistent memory

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Gen10 Persistent Memory - Demo
Video | 1:22

HPE Gen10 NVDIMM Family Demo Update: Persistent Memory