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OpenVMS is a virtual memory-based, cluster operating system that runs in production and development and is used particularly in mission-critical environments.

Celebrating More than 35 Years of Rock Solid Performance

Get a platform that is proven to deliver. OpenVMS is a general-purpose, multi-user operating system that offers immunity to both planned and unplanned downtime with proven continuous computing, including disaster-tolerant, multisite clusters at an open system price. While most enterprise IT environments measure uptime in days or weeks, OpenVMS customers characterize uptime in terms of years. You can depend on OpenVMS for uncompromising reliability, availability, scalability, and security.

Get All the Benefits of OpenVMS V8.4

  • New consolidation opportunities with virtualization, compression, and standardization enhancements for improved performance and long-term value
  • Improved application performance up to 2x per socket migrating from dual-core HPE Integrity systems to new HPE Integrity server blades
  • Improved resiliency with enhancements in security and up to 100% application availability in an appropriately configured cluster to keep applications always on
  • Simplified management and operating environment (OE) choices with selection, installation, and management now significantly easier
  • Learn more about OpenVMS products and systems or read the latest brochure to learn more about OpenVMS 8.4.

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