Exascale: A race to the future of HPC: The next generation of computing technical white paper

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As a leader in the HPC market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides unique capabilities for driving innovation into the future.  Learn how HPE is approaching the many challenges on the path to Exascale - the future of HPC - the next generation of computing. Register and download the Technical White Paper.

Learn how Exascale computing allows you to process data and solve problems through systems that are more affordable, usable, and efficient at handling growing workloads.

Is Moore’s Law still adequate to project growth of computational capability? 2
The energy consumption challenge 3
Troubled memory 3
Toward Memory-Driven Computing 4
The evolution of fabrics and topologies 5
System resiliency despite hardware failure 5
Programming at exascale 5
The HPE contribution 6
Conclusion 7