Storage Device Management Software

The HP StorageWorks Secure Manager for Tape Libraries software advanced feature option provides secure, device-level access, virtual library partitions, and configuration flexibility designed for SAN environments. As a component of HP StorageWorks Command View for Tape Libraries (CV-TL), it provides centralized, web-based management for HP ESL9000 and ESL E-Series enterprise class tape libraries, increases reliability and robustness of tape libraries in the SAN, and integrates with leading enterprise management applications.
Secure Manager for Tape Libraries allows system administrators to design reliability and security into backup SAN environments, providing backup security against extraneous SAN events and protecting host servers - with the benefit of simplified SAN management. Virtual library partitions provide security between separated SAN environments. HP offers a balanced solution - neither piece-meal nor monolithic - that includes a generous initial feature set and allows users to buy only the advanced options they need.
HP Secure Manager for Tape Libraries is a component of HP's Command View for Tape Libraries software suite and Extended Tape Library Architecture, itself a key component of the HP Adaptive Enterprise. This architecture delivers tape libraries that are simple to manage, agile to change with you business needs and provides value through investment protection and future upgrade options. HP's high-end tape libraries provide the reliability, interoperability, and advanced functionality required for your enterprise SAN environment.

What's new

  • Delivers complete remote manageability for ESL tape libraries in SANs. You can now configure, manage, and monitor all library components from any location, on a single screen.
  • Enhances reliability and interoperability of ESL tape libraries in SANs. The new Interface Manager card enables best-in-class interoperability in complex SANs, without requiring users to dig through expert-level details.
  • Automates setup and configuration of ESL tape libraries in SANs. Previously, each Fibre Channel (FC) interface controller needed to be set up separately. Automated configuration and a single point of control delivers simplicity in the face of complexity.
  • Increases speed and uptime with the server-less Direct Backup option. The Extended Tape Library Architecture goes beyond basic protocol-level support to deliver one-step configuration and a certified hardware/software solution.
  • Prevents unauthorized servers from interrupting critical backup jobs with Secure Manager ESL, delivering advanced device-level access control while being easier to use than ever.


Decreases both costs and administrative work through enhanced manageability from any location.

Delivers best-in-class interoperability without "special" work-arounds. It will work in your environment.

Simplifies the complex task of setting up library robotics, drives, and Interface Controllers in a SAN.

Minimizes uncertainty in complex SAN environments by allowing only authorized servers to access tape drives and critical data.