Storage Device Management Software

Extended Fabrics delivers all of the scalability, reliability and performance benefits of Fibre Channel SANs beyond the native 10 km distance specified by the Fibre Channel standard. With Extended Fabrics, SAN fabric coverage can be increased to 100 kilometers at full bandwidth to campuses, Metropolitan Area Networks, and backup sites. It also increases high availability by providing long-distance backup support to ensure business continuance and disaster recovery. This component is required with the use of Very Long Distance SFPs and/or wavelength division multiplexing (WDM or DWDM).



allows the administrator to customize the switch to the specific requirements of their enterprise environment

Controllable-Optimal Performance:

enable 8Gb pipes with ISL Trunking. Potential network congestion is mitigated by the additional bandwidth


API Access through PERL scripting capabilities, the administrator can simply automate management tasks, which are unique to each environment

Resilient-Proactive SAN Health:

The Fabric Watch and Advanced Performance Monitoring features provide the capability to monitor, diagnose and alert the administrator of environmental and performance hot spots. Advance warning to potential problems is critical to maximizing uptime of mission critical environments.