Are you concerned about storing and managing file data at scale? HPE Complete Qumulo Core is a modern scale-out storage system designed from the ground up for the new era of multi-petabyte data scale on-premises and in the cloud. Available on density-optimized HPE Apollo 4200 Servers, the solution allows you to store up to tens of billions of files with scalable throughput while providing real-time visibility and control for file systems at petabyte scale in less physical space. Address your growing unstructured data footprint with maximum storage efficiency using the low cost, enterprise-grade solution provided by Qumulo and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


High Performance, Scalability and Reliability, Especially in Mixed File Size Workloads

HPE Complete Qumulo Core provides scalable performance regardless of number of files or file sizes.

Rebuild times (to replace a failed disk) are measured in hours, not days, regardless of cluster size. With fast rebuild, administrators can greatly reduce the level of redundancy needed, saving time and money.

Large clusters have faster rebuild times than smaller clusters due to block based protection that scales with cluster size.

Advanced block-based data protection technology enables fast rebuild times and allows more efficient use of raw capacity and better scalability – best for mixed file size workloads and in large, high-density storage clusters.

Deploy with confidence with the foundation hardware delivered by the industry leading server vendor.

Real-time Visibility and Control at Scale

Qumulo Core’s directory-based capacity quotas give administrators instant control over storage allocation, regardless of the size of the file system.

Storage administrators can instantly see usage, activity and throughput at any level of the unified directory structure, no matter how many files in the file system, allowing them to pinpoint problems and effectively manage how storage is used.

Snapshots in HPE Complete Qumulo Core can be taken instantly, and there is no practical limit to the number that can be taken, an easy-to-use scheduling system allows storage administrators to control the frequency of snapshots.

Qumulo Core includes asynchronous data replication at scale. In addition to replicating additions, deletions and changes to files, Qumulo Core replicates configuration data such as users, shares/exports and permissions to the secondary cluster.

Manage at scale with true enterprise grade HPE x86 server monitoring and management tools designed for IT generalists.

Cost Efficiency and Innovation-ready for Today and the Future

Qumulo Core allows efficient use of raw capacity by not requiring any disk space to be left available for its internal use. User files can occupy 100% of provisioned capacity (while traditional scale-out recommends only using 80%).

A flash-first hybrid design optimizes cost and performance. Customers simultaneously get the speed benefits of SSD and the economic advantages of HDD.

A hardware-independent licensing model eliminates the need to purchase new licenses with each platform refresh and you can purchase additional licenses only as-you-grow.

Frequent software updates provide constant access to innovation as part of software subscription.

HPE Apollo 4200 Server offers market-leading storage capacity among 2U storage servers and integrates seamlessly into traditional enterprise data centers with the same rack dimensions, cabling, and serviceability.