Smart Array Controllers and Smart Host Bus Adapters

The HPE Smart Array P420 Controller is a low profile, 6 Gb/s, PCIe 3.0, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID controller that provides enterprise class, storage performance and data protection for select HP ProLiant Gen8 rack and tower servers. It features eight internal SAS ports and delivers increased server uptime by providing advanced storage functionality, including online RAID level migration (between any RAID levels) with flash back write cache, global online spare, and pre-failure warning. Data Compatibility among all models of Smart Array controllers allows simple and easy migration at any time when needs for higher performance, capacity, and availability increase. Even new generations of Smart Array controllers can understand the data format of previous generations of Smart Array controllers.

What's new

  • HPE Smart Array Advanced Pack 2.0 features are now part of the base features for the HPE Smart Array P420 Controller at no additional cost.
  • Maximum storage capacity is 240 TB with HPE 4TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF Hard Drive. Maximum capacity depends on the server. Up to 64 logical volumes are supported on the P420 with 512 MB or more cache.
  • The HPE SSD Smart Path feature improves SSD read for all RAID levels and RAID 0 write operations by optimizing the path to each SSD attached to the controller by up to 4x better performance.


Increased Performance and Data Protection, with Reduced Initial Setup Time

Up to 3x performance improvement over past generation, using up to 2 GB DDR3-1333 cache memory.

Long term data retention with flash back write cache (FBWC) offered as a standard feature, up to 2 GB capacity.

Support for RAID 0/1, 10, 5, 50, and RAID 6 & 60.

New predictive spare activation for improved rebuild and maximized uptime.

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