Virtual Ethernet Routers

The HPE FlexNetwork VSR1000 Virtual Services Router Series is a virtualized application which provides similar functionality as a physical enterprise router. It runs in a virtual machine on an x86-based server, enabling significant TCO savings given its agility and ease of deployment.
It is available in one, four and eight virtual CPU versions. Robust routing and high-performance services like firewall, crypto VPN, QoS and MPLS are provided without additional feature licenses. A variety of deployment models are supported including enterprise virtual CPE at POP or on premise, and vPC gateway.

What's new

  • 20 Gbps+ service performance with the Intel 82599 SR-IOV NIC support.
  • Advanced security including zone based firewall and stateful firewall.
  • Advanced HA features including 2:1 IRF virtualization and load balancing.
  • VXLAN overlay and VXLAN IP gateway.
  • Support for OpenFlow 1.3.1.


Virtualized x86 Software Router with 20 Gbps+ Performance

The HPE FlexNetwork VSR 1000 Virtual Services Router Series is a virtualized application that addresses one of the most critical concerns from enterprise and service-provider customers' perspective. Leveraging SR-IOV technology, it can achieve 20 Gbps+ services to fully meet your performance needs.

While forwarding IPv4 IMIX traffic, the VSR1000 can achieve up to 21.5 Gbps throughput in VMware ESXi hypervisor and up to 31.4 Gbps throughput in Linux KVM hypervisor with Intel E5-2680 CPU and SR-IOV NICs.

While encrypting sensitive traffic for your enterprise network, the VSR1000 can achieve up to 3.7 Gbps IPsec crypto IMIX throughput with the E5-2680 CPU AES-NI Engine enabled and SR-IOV NICs.

Mainstream Hypervisor Support Including VMware ESXi and Linux KVM

The HPE FlexNetwork VSR1000 Virtual Services Router Series fully supports VMware ESXi hypervisor, including versions 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5.

Provides full support for Linux KVM hypervisor (Linux kernel version 2.6.25 or later). Supports a variety of popular Linux distributions including: CentOS 7, Ubuntu 14.04, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.3, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2.

Rich Enterprise Router Services Without Additional Feature Licensing

The HPE FlexNetwork VSR1000 Virtual Services Router Series leverages the 20-year history of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Comware OS and delivers one of the most comprehensive router feature-sets in the industry, including IPv4/v6 routing, forwarding, security, VPN, QoS and high availability (HA).

All the features are ready to use without purchasing any feature licenses, cutting the CAPEX significantly.

Comprehensive Data Center and Software-defined Network (SDN) Features

The HPE FlexNetwork VSR1000 Virtual Services Router Series is focused on the data center. It supports rich data center and SDN features like VXLAN and OpenFlow. It also supports 2:1 Hewlett Packard Enterprise IRF (Intelligent Resilient Fabric) virtualization to provide an advanced HA solution.

Fully supports VXLAN (an IP-based overlay solution). VXLAN can be based on an existing IP networks, reducing the 4K VLAN limitation and providing large scale Layer 2 communication with service isolation. In addition, it supports both VXLAN IP Gateway and VXLAN over IPsec.

OpenFlow is the typical communications interface defined between the controls (separate controller) and flow-based forwarding plane in an SDN architecture, improving traffic visibility, speeding service provisioning and making the network more resilient. The VSR1000 fully supports OpenFlow 1.3.1.

Supports IRF to virtualize two VSR instances into one single VSR cluster, which simplifies the management and improves the reliability significantly.