Do you need a highly programmable network to enhance the operational efficiency of your NFV solutions? The HPE OpenSDN Portfolio enhances the functionality of and is complementary to HPE NFV offerings. It is a tested, supported, indemnified and enhanced distribution of the OpenDaylight SDN Controller. It is positioned at the network virtualization layer for NFV deployments and serves as the core controller on which common SDN use cases are built. Application packs for OpenSDN Portfolio include: Data Center Networking pack is a multi-site implementation of the base controller for use with OpenStack Neutron via its ML2 driver enabling federation of OpenStack Neutron networks. Service Function Chaining pack is an extension to the base controller providing Service Function Chaining Logic, HPE OpenSDN switches and optional service functions. SD-VPN pack allows enterprise Ethernet/IP VPNs implemented using the base controller and SDN capable CPE devices from third parties.


Federated Control

The HPE OpenSDN Controller implements federated control to deliver services across multiple data centers and locations.

All knowledge is shared amongst all controllers at every site for consistent and highly available service delivery.

Allows for federation of OpenStack across sites for scalability and high availability.

Subscriber Aware

HPE OpenSDN Controller integrates with operator authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) systems—RADIUS and PCRF.

Per subscriber policy for value added services for improved flexibility.

Enables market trialing of new services so you can try before you implement.

Enables regulatory compliance (e.g. parental control).

Overlay Network

HPE OpenSDN Controller hides underlying network from service delivery.

Enables operation over legacy (non-SDN) networks for backward compatibility.

Eases migration to IPv6.

Extends Layer 2 networks across LANs and WANs over IP (No MPLS needed).

Standards Based and Open

HPE OpenSDN Controller is based on the industry leading open source SDN platform called Open Daylight.

Allows reaping benefits of open source with contributions from the entire industry.

Uses standard protocols and APIs ensuring industry wide compatibility.

Adds carrier class availability and scale.