Do you need a quick and efficient method for the setup, configuration, and management of the storage controllers in your servers/proliant-servers.hits-12.html">HPE ProLiant server?

HPE Smart Storage Administrator (HPE SSA) offers a single interface that quickly sets up, configures and manages the servers/smart-array-controllers-and-smart-host-bus-adapters.hits-12.html">HPE Smart Arrays controllers and the servers/server-host-bus-adapters.hits-12.html">HPE SAS Host Bus Adapters (HBA). With HPE SSA, you can also configure the cryptographic features of HPE Secure Encryption, enable HPE SSD Smart Path and create different optimization and priorities associated with the drives and controllers.

It replaces the HPE Array Configuration Utility (ACU), and has an updated design for servers/proliant-servers.hits-12.html">HPE ProLiant servers that enhances the storage experience. It will expose new features and functionalities for various Smart Storage initiatives as they become available.

What's new

  • HPE Secure Encryption – a controller-based data encryption solution for HPE ProLiant Gen8 servers that protects data at rest on any bulk storage attached to the HPE Smart Array Px3x controller.
  • SSD Over Provisioning Optimization – optimizes Solid State Devices by de-allocating all used blocks before any data is written to the drive.
  • Rapid Rebuild Priority - determines the urgency with which the controller treats an internal command to rebuild a failed logical drive. There are 4 settings: low, medium, medium high, and high.
  • Auto RAID 0 – creates a single RAID 0 volume on each physical drive specified, enabling the user to select multiple drives and configure as RAID 0 simultaneously.


Simplify Deployment, Configuration, and Management

One common console to control and run your DAS environment on all current generations of HPE ProLiant servers

Can be deployed to one server or multiple servers in your environment

HPE SSA scripting capability for customizable configuration that can be deployed to multiple servers

Monitor and Diagnose potential problems

Reports and measures progress of rebuilds, surface scans, parity initialization, and other activities

Supports HPE SmartSSD Wear Gauge reporting. This benefits users by monitoring their usage of Solid State Drives (SSD) and notifies them of the estimated remaining life of the drive, based on the current workload.

Expand capacities, Enhance data protection, Optimize performance

Expands storage capacity in an array or change RAID levels

Deploys and manages HPE Secure Encryption, a data protection solution

Enable HPE SSD Smart Path to improve Solid State Drive (SSD) read performance by bypassing the Smart Array firmware for the optimal performance path to the SSD

Creates and sets up HPE SmartCache to accelerate certain application performance