Need help growing your business? Grow your business with confidence with HPE iLO Essentials license. Save time and money with this iLO license that offers remote server management uniquely designed for small and medium business servers, delivering you more value for your investment. HPE iLO Essentials, provides you ease of remote server set up via virtual media, increased efficiency and lower operational costs with full remote management access through the Integrated Remote Console, and faster time to resolution with proactive email notifications.

What's new

  • Redfish 1.0 conformance (2.30 and later)
  • Learn More links for selected Integrated Management Log (IML) events (2.30 and later)
  • Integrated Remote Console improvements (Java Web Start and Java applet) (2.40 and later)
  • NIC auto selection (2.40 and later)


Increase Efficiency - Deploy Server Operating System from Anywhere at Any time

HPE iLO Essentials provides an Interactive Virtual Media to enable server administrators to deploy server image and load OS in remote locations without on-site staff.

Console Record and Playback of server administration activity.

Power Management with 24-hour history and dynamic capping for health monitoring, power and thermal control.

Save Time and Money - Remotely Manage and Troubleshoot Servers on the Go

HPE iLO Essentials provides an Integrated Remote Console that gives your IT staff the ability to interact directly with the server environment without leaving their desk, helping save on travel expenses.

Know About All Changes and Server Events as or Before They Happen

HPE iLO Essentials provides email based alerting providing you with proactive email notifications before system failures occur.