Server iLO Management

Are you looking for a solution that helps deploy your server? Intelligent Provisioning is a server provisioning tool that is simple to use, offers fast deployment and provides flexibility on how to deploy servers. Intelligent Provisioning is an embedded solution in every HPE ProLiant server that provides system configuration through an easy-to-use wizard. The most needed drivers and software tools are pre-loaded onto the server, making it faster to deploy your server than with traditional media. Intelligent Provisioning addresses the complexity of server deployment while reducing server configuration steps. And once you’ve deployed your server, you can replicate those same configuration settings across other servers with flexible deployment settings via a USB key, HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) or the Scripting Toolkits for Windows® or Linux®. Intelligent Provisioning replaces SmartStart CDs and can be accessed during server boot by pressing the F10 key.

What's new

  • Intelligent Provisioning 2.60 supports ClearOS™ download
  • Intelligent Provisioning 2.50 supports all HPE ProLiant Gen9 platforms, options and operating systems
  • Intelligent Provisioning 2.50 enables new 32 GB SD cards as a target for deploying Windows
  • Intelligent Provisioning 1.63 enables new 8 GB SD cards as a target for deploying VMware®


Server Provisioning Software Embedded on the System Board Rather Than Using Media (CDs)

Intelligent Provisioning increases simplicity because there is no need for media (no SmartStart CDs required); it is initiated by pressing F10 during server boot process. All your needed firmware, drivers, and tools are available on the system so the server is immediately ready for provisioning.

Fully integrated system and OS configuration tool reduces your server installation and set-up steps, so you can deploy servers faster.

Intelligent Provisioning quickly starts to communicate with the user and allows comprehensive system configuration prior to boot.

Simplified OS Installation User Interface (UI)

Intelligent Provisioning simplifies system configuration with guided, profile-driven or scripted approaches for seamless integration with standard IT processes.

A "Recommended Install" for quick, one-click, simple, installation of both Windows and Linux operating systems that has preset defaults and will perform a software and firmware update if the network is available.

Simplified "Custom Install" with a start to finish wizard that provides additional settings for network setup, server and RAID configuration, OS installation. Includes driver and firmware updates in the interview process.

A streamlined "Manual Install" that includes the necessary drivers specific to your OS installation without you searching the Web.

ClearOS™ is now an OS selection to download on Intelligent Provisioning. ClearOS™ is a flexible Linux® based OS that give you a simple, secure, and affordable operating system with an intuitive web based graphical user interface that provides a cloud-like experience on- premise.

Includes the Configuration Utilities SmartStart provided, Plus Many New Ones

Intelligent Provisioning gives the ability to download drivers, firmware, and systems software by connecting directly to to perform updates and install an OS in the same step.

Provides “Deployment Settings” that allows creating and editing a collection of configuration settings, saving them in a portable package and deploying them 1: many servers via HPE Integrated-Lights out (iLO) scripting or 1:1 using a USB key.

Prevents configuration errors when deploying ProLiant Servers by performing sequential updates.

Allows you to easily register for Insight Remote Support, download Active Health System (AHS) logs, and perform diagnostics.

Opt-in access to 1 TB of free HPE StoreVirtual Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) is available through Intelligent Provisioning.

Includes an Erase Utility to Remove all Data and Factory Reset your Server

Intelligent Provisioning provides an erase option to delete all data on hard drives.

Provides option to delete Active Health System (AHS) logs and reset system configurations.