Have you ever considered paying for system capacity by demand rather than ownership? Address your changing needs and give your company the flexibility to pay for server capacity based on actual, monthly usage with the HP Pay per use (PPU) metering system. Cap your cost so that you don’t pay more than you would for a comparable lease and reduce business risks, downtime and delays.


Unique Metering System that Enables Paying a Variable Monthly Bill Based on Server Utilization

HP Pay per use (PPU) avoids overbuilt or underutilized infrastructure, synchronizing capacity with demand thus presenting a cost-efficient alternative to traditional acquisition.

Reduces capital expense, possibly qualifying for operating expense treatment or other accounting and tax benefits.

Accommodates business activity fluctuations, including end-of-term accounting, event-driven demand, and data center transformation.

Addresses rapid growth, including demand increases due to regulatory compliance, accumulating datasets (storage), and market growth.

Matches costs to a business value where demand varies with business value metrics, such as top line revenue, market share growth, or customer satisfaction.