Insight Control

Do you need a solution to centralize the management of your HPE ProLiant Server environment? HPE Insight Control gives you an essential server management experience, resulting in superior centralized management of physical and virtual servers. You can use Insight Control to manage the health of your HPE ProLiant Servers, to deploy and migrate your servers quickly, and to optimize power consumption and performance. You can manage HPE servers running Microsoft® Windows®, Red Hat® and SUSE® Linux®, VMware® ESXi™, and Microsoft Hyper-V® environments. HPE Insight Control integrates not only with HPE software products, but also with leading third-party enterprise management consoles, such as Microsoft System Center and VMware vCenter™. You can purchase HPE Insight Control via standalone licenses or via bundles with HPE ProLiant Servers and BladeSystem enclosures.

What's new

  • Support for the latest HPE ProLiant Gen9 Servers
  • Support for HPE Integrated-Lights Out 4 (iLO 4) v2.50
  • HPE SUM 7.6.0 support
  • Support for Nano Server 2016 managed node
  • Windows Nano Server 2016 Hyper-V managed .1 managed node


Provision and Migrate Servers Quickly

HPE Insight Control allows you to physically provision your operating system to bare-metal servers for firmware, BIOS, and HPE Smart Array updating.

Fine-tuned for provisioning HPE ProLiant Gen9 Servers using PXE-free installation.

Easily migrate from Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) to HPE Insight Control server provisioning by using the RDP Migration Utility or Hewlett Packard Enterprise Migration Service.

Automate migration workload from existing servers (HPE ProLiant G8 and G7 Servers) to the HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server technologies or to virtual machines on VMware ESXi and Microsoft HyperV hosts.

Monitor Infrastructure Health and Performance

HPE Insight Control provides comprehensive monitoring of system health and performance through HPE Systems Insight Manager (SIM), including "phone home" and warranty and service contract reporting functions when integrated with HPE Insight Remote Support.

Quickly pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks with processors, memory, NICs, PCI buses to tune your existing server infrastructure for increased performance.

Compare actual performance with the known capabilities of each component, and determine in real time which components are experiencing performance issues.

Control Servers Remotely

With HPE Insight Control you can take control of your remote servers whether the operating system is running or offline. Allows up to four administrators to share a single session with HPE Insight Control.

Automatically capture video footage of failure sequences as well as complex configuration operations to assist you in troubleshooting.

Perform unattended server provisioning with remote provisioning or perform remote operations such as switching the server on and off or rebooting.

Optimize Power and Energy Effectively

HPE Insight Control measures your power usage for individual server or for a group of servers with HPE Insight Control.

Customize your power usage to fit more servers within your existing power and thermal capacity, without affecting performance or electrical risk.

Increase your uptime and reduce human error by using Hewlett Packard Enterprise Intelligent Power Discovery and Location Discovery Services.