Need proven and highly capable management of HPC and “Big Data” clusters and other high performance scale out environments? HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU) is an integrated, easy-to-use tool for provisioning, management, and monitoring in clusters of any scale. CMU makes cluster management more efficient and error free and enables administrators to optimize the use of their resources. With extensive capabilities to manage system images, CMU can rapidly provision and manage a single server, dynamically defined groups of servers, or entire systems using disk-based or diskless deployment. CMU provides both CLI and GUI interfaces that monitor and display very large clusters in 2D or 3D representations. CMU can remotely halt, boot or power off, and broadcast commands to any selected set of nodes. cmu_diff allows administrators to pinpoint node differences at a glance. CMU’s “limit-free” architecture scales as your cluster grows.

What's new

  • “Limitless” architecture for scaling beyond 4096 nodes.
  • Higher speed parallel cloning for rack-size configurations.
  • Latest OS support: RHEL 7.2, SLES 12 SP1.
  • Linux volume manager (LVM) image backup and cloning.
  • Simplified HPE AutoPass licensing with keyless, “Instant On” for demonstration or temporary use.
  • Full-feature version available by download from HPE Software Depot.


Complete Cluster Management with Tools for Control, Analysis and Productivity

HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU) manages one, any, or all nodes simultaneously using multi-window broadcast.

Identify configuration differences in clusters of any size at a glance with cmu_diff.

Context sensitive Smart Window improves productivity.

Configure alerts to cause threshold-triggered actions.

Interfaces for BIOS and firmware management.

Comprehensive, Single Pane Monitoring in CLI, 2D GUI, or 3D GUI

HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU) provides user selectable CLI, 2D Instant View, or 3D Time View displays.

Lightweight monitoring operations are automatically performed and displayed in parallel.

Text outputs can be viewed in separate windows for each server or merged into one output stream clearly displaying server-specific differences.

Display historical metric data using both 2D Instant View or 3D Time View displays.

Full Remote Server Management

HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU) includes remote control of server nodes including boot, shutdown, power on/off, firmware installation, parallel distributed shell and unattended Linux installation.

Remote control menus are user customizable.

Remote action can be applied to one, selected groups, or all nodes.

High Performance Disk-Based and Diskless Provisioning in Clusters of Any Scale

HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility’s (CMU) “limitless” architecture enables scalability beyond 4096 nodes.

User selectable disk-based and diskless provisioning.

High speed, parallel provisioning for rack level systems.

Comprehensive image management including capture and backup enables users to build and maintain an image library to easily establish, switch, or restore entire software environments as needed to support different workloads and applications.

High speed hierarchical disk based provisioning for large clusters. HPE Insight CMU can typically provision more than a thousand servers in less than 30 minutes.


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