Do you need a single dashboard to see the health of your data center infrastructure? The HPE OneView Global Dashboard allows you to manage up to 6,400 nodes in the data center today and more in the future. It helps the IT staff troubleshoot alerts and view core inventory data across as many as ten HPE OneView appliances. You get better infrastructure visibility which allows for more informed and faster decision-making. With single sign-on places you are one click away from powerful, device-level lifecycle management, and it removes the need to navigate between appliances. At no additional cost, customers can simply download and run the OneView Global Dashboard alongside HPE OneView, allowing them to manage their HPE BladeSystem c-Class, HPE ProLiant DL, HPE Hyper Converged 380, HPE Synergy and HPE Apollo systems as one infrastructure.

What's new

  • Visibility for 3PAR storage systems and associated resources.
  • Supports Global Dashboard virtual appliance on Microsoft® Hyper-V® as well as VMWare®.
  • Support up to 20 HPE OneView instances and 50 HPE Hyper Converged 380 instances.


Unified View of Infrastructure Across Data Centers in Multiple Locations

The HPE OneView Global Dashboard provides a unified view of the health of Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers, profiles, enclosures and 3PAR storage systems across multiple appliances for ease of management.

Provides a unified view across multiple versions of HPE OneView including: 1.2, 2.0, 3.0 and HPE Synergy Composer.

Aggregates critical activates from multiple appliances into a single feed to quickly identify issues occurring on monitored hardware for prompt resolution.

Generates reports for monitored assets to view inventory, including firmware versions, as well as compliance reports that allow you to verify that your equipment meets corporate standards.

One click navigation with single sign-on, in context launch of managed resources.

Easy Access to Reporting of Inventory and Health Status

The HPE OneView Global Dashboard delivers compliance reports making it easy to identify what isn’t at your current firmware baseline to accelerate configuration compliance and consistency.

Integrated reporting for inventory allows you to see server hardware inventory, including associated firmware versions.

Quickly verify that there are not duplicate resource identifications numbers (Serial Number, World Wide Identifier (WWID), MAC address) in your environment.

Faster Decisions Enabled by Near Real Time Search Feature

The HPE OneView Global Dashboard has a Smart Search function that delivers access to devices of interest across data centers in seconds for better visibility of the systems enabling you to make faster decisions.

Search for attributes associated with a resource to quickly find and navigate to the desired item.

Easily filter a view down to the set of resources that are having problems, enabling you to focus on only those items that need remediation.