AutoCache™ is one of the most complete host-based I/O caching solution designed specifically to accelerate business critical applications in physical and virtualized servers by using NVMe, PCIe, SAS or SATA SSDs a local cache. It works with both Virtual and Physical Operating Systems. AutoCache supports write-back caching as well as read caching. AutoCache v3.0-V works VMWare ESXi 6.0U1 vSphere API for I/O Filtering (VAIO) and increase VM density per host. Depending on the workload, AutoCache v3.0-V increases VM density by 2x to 3x and increases business critical application performance by up to 3x to 4x while maximizing system resource usage and freeing up CPU cycles to support more business applications. To purchase a Samsung AutoCache license, send a request for quote to


Easy to deploy

Non-Intrusive - easy to deploy on SAN storage subsystem with no impact on IT infrastructure

Virtual Machine improvements

Increased Performance - 2x to 3x greater VM density per server

Increased Efficiency - Up to 4X increase in application performance