Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Services Privacy Supplement

From time to time, as you may experience problems with Hewlett Packard Enterprise products, you will have to contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise support.

In analyzing and investigating your problem, you may be asked to send information that can assist the Hewlett Packard Enterprise support team to diagnose your problem and provide the appropriate corrective action.

The types of information that you may have to submit can include crash or system dumps, system logs, etc. In addition, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise support team member may request approval to use remote diagnostic tools or take remote control of your environment.

It is possible that some of the files you send to Hewlett Packard Enterprise or the files Hewlett Packard Enterprise may have access to during remote support may contain some personal or confidential information owned by you or your organization.

Any steps that you can take to remove this personal or confidential information should be taken, but Hewlett Packard Enterprise also recognizes that this is not possible in all situations. In those latter cases, it is your responsibility to ensure that any required regulatory or self-regulatory requirements are met before you submit the requested supporting information.

For example, regulations such as the Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and self-regulatory requirements such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) require that any covered information is encrypted in transit.

In complying with these regulatory and self-regulatory requirements, it is a requirement that customers take the appropriate steps to protect any information that will be sent to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Therefore we expect customers to encrypt any files that they may have to send to Hewlett Packard Enterprise to help in the diagnosis of a reported problem. Hewlett Packard Enterprise also provides options for customers to securely transmit any requested information to Hewlett Packard Enterprise over encrypted communications lines. If you wish us to provide support services without receiving such files or accessing your environment remotely, please tell the Hewlett Packard Enterprise support team.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise takes the protection of any information that is submitted to us for support purposes very seriously and once we receive this data from customers, it will be handled in accordance with any contractual or regulatory requirements.


This Supplement was last updated on 01 November 2015.

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