HPE announces next generation innovation center to accelerate UAE’s innovation ecosystem



  • HPE Digital Life Garage is a next generation HPE innovation center aiming to transform how technology impacts society
  • HPE Digital Life Garage will be a business accelerator based on a co-innovation model

HPE Digital Life Garage, a global initiative launching first in the United Arab Emirates, will accelerate regional innovation by helping Government and industry create new digital solutions

DUBAI, UAE. – March 20, 2019 –Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced a global initiative to establish HPE Digital Life Garage; a series of next generation HPE innovation centers around the world that aim to transform how technology impacts society at large. The first center, which is due to open in Dubai in September 2019, will accelerate the development of the UAE’s innovation ecosystem. It will support the UAE’s Smart Nation initiative, as well as its goals set out in the Vision 2021 and National Advanced Sciences Agenda 2031.

HPE Digital Life Garage will be a business accelerator based on a co-innovation model –operated in collaboration with local market and global partners to create innovative technological concepts, develop them into an actionable Proof of Value and accelerate the idea-to-production lifecycle.

HPE Digital Life Garage will help HPE partners and customers:

  • Quickly realize and demonstrate innovative, production-ready digital solutions with clear benefits to society and business
  • Enhance their research and development efforts in specific advanced fields
  • Take advantage of the advanced and sophisticated technology at HPE, including its AI, cloud, edge, and high performance computing technology and infrastructure
  • Create a talent pool of the competencies needed to harness the potential of digitization and leading-edge technologies. In developing Proof of Values, HPE Digital Life Garage will help skill data scientists and expert workforce on AI, Blockchain as well as 4th Industrial revolution capabilities
  • Expand and increase cooperation inside the innovation ecosystem, from concept to production of new solutions. HPE Digital Life Garage will act as a match-making engine for supply and demand

“Today, technology is an integral part of people’s lives and has transformed what is considered possible. HPE wants to inspire local communities and bring together partners from government and industry to co-innovate and advance the way people live and work”, said Antonio Neri, President and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “The UAE’s vision for innovation and its dynamic, growing economy is the reason why we decided to open our first HPE Digital Life Garage here.”

HPE Digital Life Garage will consist of three parts; the Lab where interactive workshops will take place between HPE, customers and partners to create  innovative concepts and turn into pre-production demonstrations; the Venue where all innovations realized in the HPE Digital Life Garage in the UAE and across the world will be showcased to partners and customers; and the Digital Knowledge Center, where new competencies in technology, business and management will be discussed through a combination of seminars, workshops and on-the-job training with lab fellows and senior engineers from HPE and its partners.

HPE Digital Life Garage will be part of the award-winning HPE Executive Briefing Center family, operated by the global HPE Customer Advocacy organization. It will offer HPE partners and customers in the UAE the opportunity to benefit from competencies, solutions and innovations developed around the world, while also exporting globally what is created in the UAE market.

The UAE aspires to turn innovations into daily experiences for its citizens, to positively impact people’s lives. Local partners of HPE Digital Life Garage will include UAE government entities, local start-ups and larger enterprises, research partners, as well as other relevant market players.

HPE Digital Life Garage will provide benefits to various UAE stakeholders. For the government, it will serve as a hotbed for scientific research and homegrown high-tech solutions that can result in ground-breaking technology innovations for citizens. For the local business ecosystem, HPE Digital Life Garage will help organizations benefit from solutions that will give them a competitive differentiation and a fast route to production. Finally, innovators from small start-ups to large scale corporations focused on creating new technologies and solutions will be able to get access to real data to achieve success and reward.

Launching first in the UAE, further HPE Digital Life Garage locations will be announced in the near future.

About Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global technology leader focused on developing intelligent solutions that allow customers to capture, analyze and act upon data seamlessly from edge to cloud. HPE enables customers to accelerate business outcomes by driving new business models, creating new customer and employee experiences, and increasing operational efficiency today and into the future.


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