HPE OneView 4.0 Streamlines Data Center Operations, Makes Hybrid IT Simple

Press Kit

New software-defined advancements and expanded ecosystem partnerships transform IT operations across data center and hybrid cloud environments


Today's data center is in the midst of a transformation, driving customer demand for technologies that make IT processes less complex streamlining the speed of IT delivery for new applications and services. HPE OneView's unique capabilities set it apart from all other solutions available in the market. HPE OneView is an infrastructure automation engine that encompasses all aspects of the day-to-day lifecycle management across compute, storage and network resources.

Through software-defined intelligence and a unified application programming interface (API) that enables deep integrations with third-party tools, HPE OneView brings a new level of automation to infrastructure management while simplifying IT operations.

The latest enhancements for HPE OneView make complex hybrid IT infrastructure that combines traditional IT and private, managed and public clouds simpler to deploy and manage. With HPE OneView 4.0, IT organizations can:


  • Deliver applications and services faster – new API integrations with cloud management platforms Morpheus Data, CANCOM and InContinuum enable hybrid cloud management using HPE OneView to automate physical infrastructure monitoring and management.
  • Deploy infrastructure at cloud-like speed – with software-defined intelligence built into HPE OneView, IT operations can now automatically discover new ProLiant rack, tower and Apollo servers in just a few clicks, dramatically speeding up the time to complete server setup.
  • Simplify lifecycle operations with non-disruptive firmware updates – With the new version of HPE OneView, HPE Synergy customers can update interconnect firmware with no measureable disruption (milliseconds) to application performance. Firmware and software driver updating with HPE Synergy is fast, secure, and consistently error free.


HPE is also introducing a HPE OneView Redfish Toolkit to help customers to take automations that use the Redfish specification and apply them to HPE OneView managed infrastructure without needing to do extensive re-scripting. Through this set of tools customers will be able to combine the power of HPE OneView templates to compose compute, storage and fabric with the flexibility of industry standards.

HPE OneView Delivers New Levels of Security to Infrastructure Management

Organizations are under increasing pressure from customers, consumers and regulators to secure their digital infrastructure against comprise and unidentified user access. In fact, cyber-attacks are no longer targeted only at the operating system and applications. These attacks are also happening at the database, firmware, kernel and hardware levels.

To strengthen system management access and security, HPE is introducing new security measures built into HPE OneView, including:


  • Scope based access control – extends todays role based access control by restricting a role, such as server, storage, or network administrator, to operate only on a subset of resources managed by the HPE OneView appliance.
  • Two-factor authentication – provides customers the ability to authenticate user access with a physical or virtual smartcard and a user PIN or password. The feature is integrated with OneViews LDAP directory support for added protection.
  • Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMPv3) – HPE is adding support for SNMPv3 protocol to enhance the security for monitoring server hardware and interconnects.


HPE Expands Composable Infrastructure Partner Ecosystem

HPE is introducing new cloud management partners who have integrated their software with the unified RESTful API offered in HPE OneView. These new composable infrastructure ecosystem partners, include:


  • Morpheus Data – With Integration into HPE OneView and 3PAR storage, Morpheus enables Unified Ops Orchestration of both DevOps pipelines and multi-cloud infrastructure including visibility, analytics, and physical state management of HPE infrastructure running bare metal, VMs, or Containers in hybrid environments.
  • CANCOM – HPE OneView with CANCOM allows users to create a fully integrated digital workspace solution including hardware, software and services to ensure seamless and automated deployment with real time monitoring, maintenance and daily operations capabilities.
  • InContinuum –  Using HPE OneView with InContinuum software, organizations will be able to perform lifecycle management and automation of bare metal, virtual and hybrid cloud deployments including control functions like platform as a service, DevOps, and containers from a unified view.


The unified API in HPE OneView, combined with a growing number of integrations with ecosystem partner tools, extends the power of infrastructure automation to every aspect of the data center. With integrations built by partners, customers can reduce the time spent managing data center and cloud environments, accelerating time to value.


HPE OneView 4.0 is planned to be available for download and installation for a broad range of HPE platforms, including HPE Synergy, HPE 3PAR, HPE ProLiant BL, DL and ML, HPE Apollo and HPE Superdome X servers, in December 2017.