HPE and Atea enable Norwegian mapping authority Kartverket to deliver pioneering digital land survey project



  • HPE and its partner ATEA are helping deliver Norway’s largest ever digital-mapping project powered by HPE 3PAR storage solutions
  • The groundbreaking project will help facilitate more accurate positioning services and data-driven property registration for the country
  • Efficient and powerful storage infrastructure allowed Kartverket to meet the logistical challenges of laser-scanning an entire country and managing significant volumes of new data

Kartverket taps HPE and strategic partner Atea to provide a tailored storage solution, powering the delivery of a ground-breaking digital mapping initiative in Norway

Oslo, Norway – January 14, 2020 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has today announced that through a strategic partnership with Atea – a leader in IT infrastructure for businesses and public-sector organisations in Europe’s Nordic and Baltic regions – the company has enabled Norwegian mapping authority Kartverket to spearhead a dynamic project to digitally map the entire country of Norway. Through the installation of HPE 3PAR storage systems and support services, HPE is enabling Kartverket to create a groundbreaking national geodetic frame from which to establish more accurate positioning services and for data-driven property registration. 

Kartverket is responsible for the ratified framework on which mapping and measuring work in Norway is based, with over 1.5 million properties and legal foundations registered through the organisation every year. In order to deliver this groundbreaking project, Kartverket has undertaken the largest land survey project in Norwegian history, laser-scanning the entire country to create a precise and detailed digital map.

Every week, Kartverket’s databases are updated with thousands of new objects including changed roads, rivers and new houses, which are all saved on 1200 servers hosting around 10PB of data. Due to the sheer volume of fresh data from the merging of specific municipalities and new land borders, the team required a significant increase in their data storage capacity.

Benefitting from a decade of strategic collaboration, Atea storage specialists and local HPE solution sales teams were able to work together to design the optimum tailored storage solution for Kartverket on premise in their private cloud, leveraging HPE storage technology to deliver the performance and stability required to power this mapping technology. Kartverket implemented HPE 3PAR, which provides a flash-optimised and AI-powered data storage system designed for unpredictable mission-critical workloads. This delivered the enhanced storage necessary for future positioning services, digital map creation, land registry processes and property information. 

“This initiative will revolutionise the way in which we are able to track, register and digitise our digital mapping resources across Norway,” said Olav Petter Aarrestad, CIO of Kartverket. “As the single nationwide coordinator of geodata, we work alongside national geographical infrastructure to analyse and map this comprehensive database – meaning we are able to create a more detailed and accurate picture of the property, land services and principalities throughout the country. HPE and Atea have played a critical role in providing the storage and infrastructure necessary to power our work, and supporting innovation in ways that weren’t previously possible.”

As a result of the increased availability of the additional storage capacity, Kartverket was able to work much more efficiently and complete previously cumbersome processes with significantly increased speed and accuracy. The private cloud solution has also proven to be very cost effective for Kartverket. Through the consolidation of their existing HPE 3PAR systems, the team have also seen vast improvements in other operational areas, including simplified management, reduced datacenter footprints, and better adaptive optimisation.

“Through this strategic relationship, we are proud to be the first Norway–based partner to deliver HPE 3PAR technology in this way.”
commented Chris Ashby, Director for Strategic Partners at Atea, Norway. “Equipped with HPE’s first-class IT infrastructure, our customers can simplify and automate their IT environments, so their customers can focus on their own business values, and nowhere is that more evident than with Kartverket on such an ambitious project.”

HPE and Atea have been strategic partners for over a decade, working in tandem to deliver best-in-class collaborative solutions to organisations across Europe. As a key partner, HPE and has not only been able to provide Atea’s customers with world-leading technology solutions to meet their business needs – but has also provided the IT infrastructure leader with a variety of resources required to ensure customer loyalty and longevity, such as partner programs, tools and trainings.

”Working on groundbreaking projects such as this really highlights the benefits of our robust partner network - centered around delivering innovation and working collaboratively to transform outcomes and experiences for our shared customers. Through our partnership with Atea, we’re creating a truly tailored offering to support not just this initiative, but the ongoing opportunities Kartverket will open up as a result of it – establishing a strong platform to steer the organisation to greater success,”
said Paul Hunter, Worldwide Head of Partner Sales, HPE.

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