Specsavers uses HPE GreenLake to expand eye disease diagnostics and serve more patients



  • Specsavers roll out advanced 3D eye scanning technology to support retail stores
  • HPE and Champions of Change deliver HPE GreenLake solution to scale up and down storage capacity

Specsavers used HPE GreenLake solution to support retail stores across Australia and New Zealand

Sydney, Australia – November 13, 2019 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced its collaboration with Specsavers utilising the HPE GreenLake platform to support retail stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Specsavers is currently rolling out advanced 3D eye scanning technology to almost every location to help detect eye conditions that could be referred for diagnoses. This new technology generates vast amounts of customer and medical information so IT had to advance quickly to keep pace.

“We’re undergoing a significant transformation in the way our customers interact with us,” says Julian McAll, Head of Technical Services, Architecture and Solution Design for the Asia-Pacific Region at Specsavers. “In turn, IT has to transform to deliver the flexibility, security, and performance that keeps customers coming back.”

Specsavers engaged with strategic service provider, Champions of Change, a HPE partner, who introduced HPE GreenLake which enables Specsavers to scale up or down the storage capacity without an upfront technology investment and improve the performance of their applications.

“It’s a move toward agility that we’ve never experienced before and aligns to our transformation strategy” reports McAll. “With HPE GreenLake, Specsavers can continue to roll out new customer experiences and scale to meet demand without regard to hardware needs.”