HPE Launches Intelligent Assurance to Automate a Dynamic World and Enable Zero Touch Operations

May 14, 2018 • News Advisory • Ella Hulbert


  • CSPs have a unique opportunity to become Digital Service Providers with HPE Intelligent Assurance, an artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML)-based platform.
  • HPE Intelligent Assurance provides CSPs with the ability to take up the service assurance challenges they face and enable zero touch operations and self-driven networks.

HPE builds artificial intelligence and machine learning-based operations support systems for telecommunication operations of today and tomorrow

NICE, France May 14, 2018 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced the launch of its HPE Intelligent Assurance suite at Digital Transformation World. HPE Intelligent Assurance is an artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning based platform that provides a powerful way to transform vast amounts of telecommunications network data into proactive resolution actions that pave the way towards zero touch operations and self-driven networks.

HPE Intelligent Assurance helps solve the service assurance challenges Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face through machine learning based intelligence and advanced automation with the following benefits:


  • HPE Intelligent Assurance helps operations find specific network pattern behaviors, replacing manual discovery with automatic process.
  • HPE Intelligent Assurance can work 24/7 at extracting value out of huge amounts of historical data.
  • The HPE Intelligent Assurance suite offers a unique combination with HPE Unified Correlation & Automation (UCA) to automate remediation procedures.
  • Powerful reporting and analysis improve dramatically operational effectiveness.
  • The solution supports data lakes based on Hadoop Open Source platforms, accelerating return on investment for customers who already created their own operations support systems (OSS) data lake.


"Communication Service Providers have a unique opportunity to embark on a successful journey to become Digital Service Providers", said David Sliter, VP & GM, Communications & Media Solutions, HPE. "Our efforts are focused on helping them operate and orchestrate services in hybrid, virtualized and cloudified environments, leveraging intent-based modeling and artificial intelligence, to accelerate time to market and enable zero touch operations. HPE Intelligent Assurance is a new and major step in the achievement of our vision. It combines machine learning based intelligence with AI-driven automation to predict problems and proactively resolve them, 24/7."

"As CSPs introduce more and more services and move their networks from a hardware to a software basis, they will quickly find that their infrastructure is too complex and dynamic to manage manually", said Andy Hicks, Research Director, IDC. "CSPs must therefore automate their operations; that automation, in turn, requires substantially better analytics. We expect artificial intelligence to drive great benefits in network reliability and service stability."

HPE Intelligent Assurance is generally available. For more information on HPE Intelligent Assurance please visit: www.hpe.com/dsp/automate

HPE is a silver sponsor of Digital Transformation World (formerly TM Forum Live!). Booth location: #326 Agora - 3 Expo hall | Monday May 14 - Wednesday May 16.


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