HPE Boosts Channel Sales Opportunities with New Cloud28+ Member Spotlight Pages

March 13, 2018 • News Advisory


  • New Cloud28+ member spotlight pages allow partners, groups or programs to create highly personalized pages
  • Spotlight pages can feature apps, services, and content that are important for specific solutions, verticals and customers
  • It will create new sales and revenue opportunities for HPE channel partners

As part of Cloud28+ platform enhancements, new Cloud28+ spotlight pages will allow partners to present their own customized service and content zones to customers

EUROPA-PARK, RUST, GERMANY – March 13, 2018 – Today at CloudFest, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the launch of Cloud28+ member spotlight pages. This new service will allow partners, groups or programs to create highly personalized pages within the Cloud28+ ecosystem that displays their brand and visual identity, while featuring apps, services, and content that are important for their specific solutions, verticals and customers.


The new Cloud28+ member spotlight pages will create new sales and revenue opportunities for HPE channel partners, as they will be able to build a strong visual identity on the platform, with their own news, search options, and services. By being able to more easily direct customers to their own branded Cloud28+ member zone, partners will be better able to develop, promote, and track integrated marketing campaigns linked to the platform. Based on a subscription model, partners will be able to build their personalized pages in a modular way in order to cater for specific requirements, projects, users and verticals such as health, education and finance.


"Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a partnership-first business. The new Cloud28+ spotlight pages demonstrate this, by offering partners new routes to market and increased visibility", said Xavier Poisson, Vice President, Service Providers and Cloud28+ Worldwide, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. "Cloud28+ has always been focused on creating a rich and collaborative ecosystem, and now were further extending that benefit to partners by giving them a chance to do the same with customers under their own banners."


The new member spotlight pages in the Cloud28+ ecosystem will be totally bespoke, with members able to create their own personalized look and feel by leveraging a set of widgets and the branding of their choice. Furthermore, partners can control and analyze access to their pages to better create enhanced, data-driven customer experiences.


This new offering comes amidst a host of additional new Cloud28+ platform features to be announced in more detail soon. Enhancements will focus on improved management tools, personalized analytics, social media integrations, and intuitive search functions. The new improved platform will further expand digital marketing and content opportunities for partners, while it continues to support lead generation campaigns.


The updated Cloud28+ digital business platform will also encompass compatibility for new multi-vendor and multi-component solutions, helping to generate innovative collaborative offerings around use cases, such as IoT. These new co-selling and alliance opportunities represent yet another go-to-market innovation from Cloud28+.


Already, service and solution providers can easily partner with ISVs to move away from just offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to providing value-added services that increase competitiveness and drive higher revenues. Furthermore, ISVs can access new markets without many of the costs and data sovereignty issues associated with doing so themselves, by partnering with in-region service providers. This means even small ISVs with quality products can achieve scale, generate revenues, and provide a valuable product to the market.


About Cloud28+

Cloud28+ is a growing hybrid IT community and digital business platform for HPE partners and customers. It helps partners create new alliances, while expanding their offerings and market visibility. It gives customers one place to go to find trusted, enterprise cloud services that meet their specific workload or regulatory requirements. Today, Cloud28+ is the world's largest cloud aggregator with a community of over 750 HPE partners – including service providers, ISVs, solution providers, distributors, systems integrators, and some universities and government institutions – located in 63 countries. The platform hosts a worldwide solutions catalog that contains close to 26,000 services, spanning IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings delivered out of 539 data centers from Cloud28+ members in 36 countries around the world.


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