Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unveils General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Portfolio


Software solutions help organizations comply with new regulations to mitigate risk and create value from data

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 22, 2016 — Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE:HPE) today announced the availability of a comprehensive set of software solutions that will help organizations simplify and streamline compliance with the recently ratified General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ahead of the May 2018 enforcement deadline.

The GDPR is an important new regulation designed to set data protection, privacy, and security standards related to personal data collected on European Union citizens. The regulations apply to organizations based in the EU, as well as any organization that collects information on European customers from anywhere in the world.

Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to fines up to 4 percent of an organizations global annual revenue or Euro 20 million, as well as lost customer confidence and sales, brand and reputational damage, security breaches, and potential lawsuits. According to Gartner, when the EU GDPR comes into effect, a single complaint could result in an audit and a fine for improperly handling personal data unless IT leaders have adjusted their data management and backup strategies to be ready. Additionally Gartner states that organizations need to, start modifying plans, policies, processes and technologies today.1

Current approaches to addressing the new regulation are largely ineffective because the GDPR articles are complex and most legacy technologies were not built with the breadth, flexibility and built-in analytics needed to scale to the large volumes of data in scope. This is forcing organizations to re-think their IT strategy and look for contemporary solutions closely tied to specific article-defined use cases.

To help companies meet the pressing demands of the GDPR, HPE offers flexible, modular, and intelligent solutions that address the articles outlined by the GDPR. These solutions spanning HPEs Security and Information Management & Governance portfolios are mapped to specific GDPR use cases to help organizations assess and mitigate their risk, as well as remain in compliance with the new regulations, including:


  • Classify – Helps organizations take the guesswork out of GDPR compliance.

                        Personal Data Assessment Automatically categorize information that will fall under GDPR regulations

                        Defensible Disposition Target data for deletion, in accordance with the right to be forgotten

  • Prepare – Ensures organizations are proactively equipped to respond to requirements.

                        Breach Prevention & Neutralization Neutralize the impact of a breach with proactive preparation

                        Litigation Readiness & Response Proactively prepare for, and cost effectively respond to, investigations and litigation

  • Protect – Provides organizations with the solutions needed to guard their most critical assets.

                        Adaptive Backup & Recovery Back up the right information, the right way, the right place  in accordance with GDPR

                        Encryption & Pseudonymisation Protect your brand and business reputation by neutralizing damaging  data breaches

  • Monitor – Help organizations proactively detect and respond to threats.

                        Breach Response & Reporting Determine if your data has been breached within GDPRs mandatory 72  hour window


In addition to software, HPE is also able to optionally provide data storage solutions from its Enterprise Group to supplement each solution and deliver greater modularity and flexibility.

Key to achieving the effective classification and policy application to data, is the enabling analytics that underpin HPEs portfolio. These rich analytics allow customers to streamline information classification by automatically surfacing only the most-critical and sensitive data. Customers can leverage this deep information insight and apply governance and security policies to detect and respond to data breaches, and optimize backup and recovery on in-scope data with a high level of specificity and ease.

GDPR fundamentally calls for organizations to classify EU citizen data in scope with these regulations and then apply policies to protect that data through its lifecycle, said David Jones (@kawika2926), senior vice president and general manager, HPE Information Management and Governance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Our broad and market-leading Information Management & Governance product portfolio, underpinned by rich analytics and secure content management, including policy based retention and management, helps our customers comply with confidence, grow the trust of their customers, and make GDPR a positive differentiator for their business.

GDPR requires organizations to implement stringent data security measures and mandatory breach notification to better protect customer information, said Sue Barsamian (@suebarsamian), senior vice president and general manager, HPE Security Products, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Our innovative solutions help customers prevent, detect, respond and recover from threats so they can proactively mitigate risk and maintain GDPR compliance.

Organizations must begin preparing for the impact of the new GDPR regulations as soon as possible to ensure they are ready for when the rules come into effect in early 2018.

Find out more about HPE GDPR solutions at www.hpe.com/solutions/GDPR, and listen to a HPE webinar on "GDPR: make compliance good for your business, click here. Additionally, HPE leaders will be discussing the implications of GDPR at an executive dinner on Sept. 22 in London, which is timed with the International Association of Privacy Professionals GDPR Comprehensive Conference that is being live streamed.

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1Gartner Research, New GDPR Mandates Require Changes to Storage Management Strategies for All Global Enterprises, August 26, 2016.