HPE Intelligent Edge Analyst Reports

May 24, 2017 • Feature

Market analysis of HPE's intelligent edge offerings


Gartner: Beyond BYOD to IoT, Your Enterprise Network Access Policy Must Change

Read Gartner’s take on changing IoT policies for businesses


Forrester: Eight Toxic Networking Vendor Selection Philosophies

Learn what goes into choosing a networking vendor, and why the process is changing


Frost and Sullivan: Network Access Control (NAC) Global Market Analysis Selected Excerpts: Point of Competitive Differentiation

Frost and Sullivan rates HPE Aruba Networks ClearPass the most scalable and best NAC wired and wireless

IoT Security

IDC: HPE Aruba Big Data Analytics Acquisition Intensifies Battle for IoT Security Opportunity

Read IDC’s take on why the Niara acquisition was a great move for HPE


Moor Insights: HPE Beefs Up Network Security with Niara Acquisition

Patrick Moorhead wrote a Forbes article on HPE’s Niara acquision