HPE Pro Series

HPE updates Pro Series enabling partners to further demonstrate their expertise



The HPE Pro Series, which includes the HPE Sales Pro, HPE Tech Pro and HPE Marketing Pro platforms, has been revamped based on partner feedback. Now sales, technical and marketing professionals can use the platforms to leverage virtual forums to better connect with experts and specialists who can help close opportunities, develop outcome-based solutions and achieve digital marking profiency.

Additional details on the enhanced HPE Pro Series is here.


Q: What is the HPE Pro Series?

The award-winning HPE Pro Series is made up of three major enablement programs – HPE Sales Pro, HPE Tech Pro and HPE Marketing Pro.


  • HPE Sales Pro helps HPE direct and indirect sellers find the training and enablement they need to expand their skills and grow their pipeline.

  • HPE Tech Pro focuses on the unique needs of our most technical sellers, allowing them to connect, learn, and grow together.

  • HPE Marketing Pro provides marketing enablement – from training and tools to individual assets and fully-built campaigns – that partner marketing professionals can use in their own digital marketing campaigns.

Q: How does the HPE Pro Series help partners?

The HPE Pro Series enables our partners to stand out with their expertise by providing a personalized enablement experience for our partners’ sales, technical, and marketing professionals. Partners can leverage virtual forums to connect with experts and specialists, access outcome based and workload-centric training, and advance digital marketing effectiveness through a suite of marketing tools, content, and resources.

Q: What does HPE Sales Pro offer to partner sales teams?

HPE Sales Pro provides access to innovative sales training and enablement—all in one place—designed to help all HPE direct and indirect sellers expand their skills and grow their pipeline. Continually refreshed using seller feedback, HPE Sales Pro allows partners to quickly access the most relevant and up-to-date enablement to lead customer conversations confidently and grow sales.

Q: What does HPE Marketing Pro offer to partner marketers?

: HPE Marketing Pro is a comprehensive partner program that provides digital marketing enablement to help partners advance their end-to-end marketing effectiveness. With easy access to digital content, rich learning opportunities, and digital marketing resources and expertise, partners can create digital marketing campaigns that span the buyer’s journey and drive joint business with HPE.

Q: What does HPE Tech Pro offer to partner technical teams?

A: HPE Tech Pro is an exclusive, global technical community where both partner and HPE presales professionals can connect, learn, and grow together. The HPE Tech Pro portal makes it easy for partners to architect and win with HPE by curating all technical enablement from across HPE in one place and serving it up the way technical people want to consume. HPE Tech Pro provides the opportunity for partners to:


  • Connect - Join a unique technical community that includes HPE and Partner Solution Architects, HPE Global Business Unit (GBU) employees, and product team members. Build relationships online and in person, and gain access to the insider tools, resources, and experts they need to delight their customers.

  • Learn – Advance their skills in consulting, architecture, and implementation. Stay current on HPE and industry innovation by accessing the same resources as HPE employees and find the exact training and information they need to serve their customers.

  • Grow – Collaborate with others to enhance customer solutions and expand their networks. Earn incentives and benefits while becoming recognized as experts by customers, employers, and peers.



HPE Tech Pro

HPE Sales Pro

HPE Marketing Pro


Provides one-stop access to everything needed to architect solutions for customers

Links HPE and partner sales professionals to innovative enablement, training and learning

Advance digital marketing effectiveness through a suite of marketing tools, content and resources


HPE Tech Pro has been updated to expand its enablement offerings in support of new technical job roles and in alignment with HPE Partner Ready Vantage.


Along with these updates, HPE Tech Pro has also added

·         HPE Master ASE Advantage program---deep discounts on those looking to add a new or additional HPE Master ASE certification

·         Exclusive HPE Press discounts, up to 30% off of certification study materials and exam vouchers

·         New continuous learning paths and badges


Based on user feedback, HPE Sales Pro has been enhanced to be easier to access, navigate, and learn from. Specifically, we’ve introduced:

·           Portfolio Learning Curriculums – curated, interactive learning paths organized by products, services, and solutions. Each curriculum is organized in a recommended sequence and includes the training you need to strengthen your knowledge and help you confidently position and sell HPE products and solutions.

·           Top Recommended Training (TRT) – curriculums that include the most relevant, impactful, and current training content, hand-picked by the HPE channel enablement team using partner feedback.

·           On-the-go learning – short, engaging training modules in podcast, video, and web-based training formats that are easy to access from anywhere.

Personalization of your homepage - Easily see your HPE sales certification status and the training modules you have completed or have in progress.

HPE Marketing Pro has been reimagined to better serve partner marketing needs and provide easier access to HPE marketing content and assets. This renovation includes:

·         A new gateway to HPE Marketing Pro with intuitive, simplified access to marketing tools.

·         A redesign of the HPE Social Media Center, featuring an improved user interface with consolidated navigation, content filtering, updated guides and added functionality.

·         New education content, including Analytics, Social Trends, Search/SEO updates and Social Media/Social Selling.

·         New and updated HPE Campaign Activation Kits that provide partners with comprehensive assets and guidance to launch their own HPE co-branded campaigns.



Currently available to all partners.