Lip-Bu Tan

Member of: Nominating, Governance & Social Responsibility, Technology

Mr. Tan has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Cadence Design Systems, an electronic design automation company, since 2009. Mr. Tan has also served as Founder and Chairman of Walden International, a venture capital firm, since 1987. Mr. Tan currently serves on the boards of Cadence Design Systems, Ambarella Inc., a video compression and image processing company and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., a semiconductor company. Mr. Tan previously served on the boards of Flextronics International, an electronics manufacturing company, Inphi Corporation, a semiconductor company, SINA, a media company, SolarEdge Technologies, Inc., a solar energy company, and United Overseas Bank in Singapore. Mr. Tan’s extensive experience analyzing investments, managing companies and leading developments in the global technology industry allows him to bring to our board of directors valuable insights on business in today’s industry environment.